what is the central theme of act 1 of the tragedy of macbeth

The Tragedy of Macbeth and other Elizabethan plays represented a radical shift in English drama because they were not about religious themes
Based upon the information in Act I, what appears to be Macbeth’s character flaw? desire for power
During the Elizabethan period, theater companies began to do what use permanent performance spaces
what important role do the witches play in act 1 of the tragedy of macbeth? he places a high value on bravery and loyalty
what of the following best describes macbeth’s feelings about the possible assassination of king duncan in act 1 of the tragedy for macbeth? tortured ambivalence
In Act 1 of The Tragedy of Macbeth, why does Lady Macbeth think Macbeth has a poor chance of achieving power? He is not ruthless enough
What do stage directions give the reader? information about what is taking place on the stage
Throughout Act I, Macbeth’s plans and actions seem to be motivated most of all by his wife’s encouragement
what is an example of a stage direction thunder and lightning
Elizabethan tragedies were modeled on plays from where ancient greece and rome
The annotations in the tragedy of macbeth, act 1, are a helpful aid for clarifying unfamiliar language
pin what way is lady macbeth stronger than her husband she stands firm when macbeth begins to waver in his deadly purpose
what would be true if you were watching a play at the globe theater back in shakespeare’s day the illusions of time and space would come from the words of the play
what is the general setting of act 1 of the tragedy of macbeth medieval scottland
why do the stage directions in act 1 of the tragedy of macbeth make no detailed references to lighting and sets in shakespeare’s day, plays did not have artificial lighting or elaborate sets
how does macbeth come to be thane of cawdor after the previous than is found guilty of treason, duncan bequeaths his title on macbeth in gratitude for macbeth’s courage i’m battle
in the tragedy of macbeth, act 1, what action most clearly is an act of valor macbeth’s courage in battle before the opening of the play
what is the character flaw that most seems to motivate lady macbeth to plan duncan’s murder j act 1 excessive ambition for her husband
what is the double trust that macbeth would be breaking if he kills duncan he owes the king his loyalty
what quality does lady macbeth have more of compared to her husband she is more decisive than her husband
valor heroic courage; bravery
Treasons betrayals
imperial like an emperor or an empire
liege lord or king
sovereign supreme ruler