Twelfth Night – Unit Test

Where was Shakespeare’s birth and death place? Stratford-upon-Avon, England
What was Shakespeare famous for writing? Poems and plays
What were some of Shakespeare’s plays? A Midsummer Night’s Dream, Macbeth, Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet
What was Shakespeare’s wife’s name? Anne Hathaway
What was the theater that Shakespeare used ? The Globe
What was the theater company name? Chamberlain’s Men/King’s Men
Why don’t we know a lot about Shakespeare’s life? The “Lost Years” in Stafford, nobody knows what he was doing during that time
Viola Sister of Sebastian, dresses as Cesario, is in love and works for Orsino, Cesario loved by Olivia
Olivia In love with Cesario, lost her brother, is loved by Orsino, niece of Toby
Orsino In love with Olivia, royalty in Illyria, loved by Viola
Sebastian Twin to Viola, friends with Antonio
Antonio Saved Sebastian, friend of Sebastian, gets imprisoned
Feste Fool to Olivia’s house, entertains Toby and Andrew
Malvolio Steward for Olivia, gets pranked by Toby, Andrew, and Maria, deeply in love with Olivia
Maria Servant for Olivia, helps prank Malvolio with Toby and Andrew
Sir Toby Olivia’s uncle, Andrew’s friend, always drunk, helps prank Malvolio with Maria and Andrew
Sir Andrew Friend of Toby, always drunk, helps prank Malvolio with Maria and Toby
Who is Viola (Cesario) employed to? Duke Orsino
What are the three final couples at the end of the play? Sebastian and OliviaDuke Orsino and ViolaToby and Maria
What is the love triangle in Twelfth Night? Orsino loves OliviaOlivia loves CesarioViola loves Orsino
What was the prank pulled on Malvolio? He was given a letter that says it is from Olivia. In the letter, Olivia says she loves Malvolio, and that he should wear yellow stockings, be mean to Toby, and always smile.
Why was the prank on Malvolio a prank? It was because Malvolio loves Olivia truthfully, and Olivia actually hates when people wear yellow stockings. Also, she didn’t write the letter, Maria did.
What is an example of situational irony in Twelfth Night? Instead of getting Olivia to love Orsino, Cesario got Olivia to love him.
What is an example of dramatic irony in Twelfth Night? The audience knows that Cesario is a girl named Viola, but the characters do not.
What is a pun? A play on words
A pun is a joke using __________ words that sound similar or the same word with multiple meanings.
What is an example of a pun? Ex. I am on a seafood diet. Everytime I see food, I eat it.
Is this a pun? If so, what is the double meaning?Being struck by lightning is really a shocking experience! Yes. You can get shocked by lightning, and when people say it is a shocking experience, it means a surprising experience.
Is this a pun? If so, what is the double meaning?Why did the chicken cross the road? To get to the other side!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! NO. Just no.
What is Twelfth Night the celebration of? The twelfth day of Christmas
What is the nickname of the celebration Twelfth Night? Festival of Fools
What do people do to celebrate Twelfth Night? Cross dressing, eating and drinking, big party
How is Twelfth Night the holiday like Twelfth night the play? Cross dressing