Shakespeare’s As You Like It Test (03/23)

What are the two conflicts introduced in the beginning of the play? Oliver vs. Orlando Duke Frederick banishing Duke Senior
What are the two types of love in the play? Family love (Celia and Rosalind) and Romantic love (Rosalind and Orlando)
What happens when Oliver goes to find Orlando in the forest? A snake and a lioness attack him but Orlando is there to fight off the animals. When Rosalind hears about this she faints.
Who gives the 7 ages of man speech? Jacques the Melancholy
Duke Frederick Duke Senior’s younger brother and his usurper, also Celia’s father. Banishes Duke Senior and Rosalind to the Forest of Arden.
Rosalind Duke Seniors daughter. Hero of the Play. Dresses as a man and is called Ganymede. Best friends with her cousin Celia. Marries Orlando. Brings up gender identity.
Celia Duke Frederick’s daughter and Rosalind’s cousin. Known as Aliena in the forest. Marries Oliver. Best friends with her cousin Rosalind.
Touchstone A court fool. Marries Audrey. Jacques and Corin are fascinated with him.
Who calls Touchstone “Master Touchstone”? Corin
Le Beau A courtier. Tells Rosalind and Celia about the wrestling match between Charles and Orlando. Tells Oliver about Charles and Orlando fighting.
Charles A wrestler. Undefeated until Orlando beats him.
Duke Senior Duke Frederick’s older brother and Rosalind’s father. Banished but doesn’t mind at all. Welcomed Orlando and Adam to eat with them in the forest.
Jacques A discontented, melancholy lord. Rude. Joins the monastery with Duke at the end.
Amiens An attending lord and musician. Sings to Jacques.
Phoebe A shepherdess. Silvius loves her. Falls in love with Ganymede.
Silvius A shepherd. Loves Phoebe. Does whatever Phoebe says.
Audrey A country girl. Marries Touchstone.
Corin An elderly shepherd. First person that Rosalind, Celia, and Touchstone meet in the forest.
William A country man
Sir Oliver Martext A curate. Supposed to marry Touchstone and Audrey.
Oliver de Bois The eldest son and heir. Attacked by Lioness and Snake. Marries Celia.
Jacques de Bois Comes in in the last scene
Orlando de Bois Youngest son. Marries Rosalind. Writes the poems in the trees. Seeks food from Duke Senior in the forest for him and Adam.
Adam A faithful old servant who follows Orlando into the forest.
Dennis Oliver’s servant
What do Adam and Orlando portray? The 7 ages of men speech
Why did Shakespeare write the play? As a crowd pleaser
What 2 things does the epilogue say? It asks the audience for approval and brings up gender identity.
Fair vs. Foul Theme Example Orlando vs. OliverRosalind vs. Duke Frederick
Natural vs. Artificial Theme Example Phoebe vs. Ganymede/Rosalind
Organization vs. Chaos Duke Frederick vs. Duke Senior
Traditional Rules vs. Modern Changes Rosalind pursuing OrlandoAudrey and Touchstones Wedding vs. Jacques views of a proper wedding
Written in the year… 1600
First performed in… 1603
First theater Shakespeare’s plays were performed in…. The Globe Theater
Written in… Iambic Pentameter
Universal Withstands time and location
Main motif in the story Gender reversals