The Tempest Act 4 Scene 1 Quiz

What is Ferninand’s compensation? Ferninands compensation is Miranda
What is the warning Prospero gives to Ferninand? The warning Prospero gives to Ferninand is that if he breaks his daughters virginess before marriage, he will curse the marriage forever and make them not have kids.
Prospero told Ariel to go bring what? And who were they? Prospero told Ariel to go bring the rabble. The rabble are Stephano, Trinculo, and Caliban
Who are the three goddesses and what are they the goddesses for? Iris- Virgin goddess of the rainbow Ceres- goddess of agriculture Juno- queen of the gods
What does the light show celebrate? The light show celebrates the marriage of Miranda and Ferninand
What did Ceres say? We are here to celebrate love
What did Iris say? You will get all of the love in the world if you do not have sex before marriage
What is the tempest symbolizing? The tempest is Shakespeare’s goodbye to theater.
Who do they consider Prospero as? They consider Prospero as Shakespeare
What did Prospero do? Prospero created everything on the islandProspero is a playwrite Prospero told the godesses that the play is over
What does Prospero say? “All those characters Are gone, all the settings, the palaces are gone, the globe is gone” (acting as Shakespeare)
What did Prospero ask Ariel to do? Prospero asked Ariel to hang clothes outside his house so it distracts them because they will fight over the clothes. He knows that Stephano, Trinculo and Caliban want to try to kill him.
What does Caliban call the clothes and why? He calls the clothes trash because Stephano and Trinculo are so distracted and fighting over the clothes when they are really supposed to be killing Prospero.
What is the quote Prospero says? “At this hour, lies at my mercy all mine enemies.”
What did Prospero have chase Trinculo and Stephano away from where he lives? Hell dogs