Twelfth Night Review new 1

Viola washes up on the shores of Illyria after a shipwreck; to survive, she disguises herself as a eunuch and becomes a servant of Duke Orsino, who she ends up falling in love with
Duke Orsino a powerful nobleman in the country of Illyria who is lovesick for Olivia,but is actually just in love with the idea of being in love; becomes close to his servant Cesario, who is actually Viola
Olivia a wealthy, beautiful, and noble Illyrian lady; mourning for 7 years for the death of her brother; both Sir Andrew and Duke Orsino attempt to make her fall in love with them
Sebastian Viola’s twin brother who is rescued from the shipwreck by Antonio
Malvolio head servant of Olivia; has a very high opinion of himself; Sir Toby, Sir Andrew, Maria, and Fabian play a trick on him
Feste/Clown the fool of Olivia’s household; moves between Olivia’s and Orsino’s houses, earning a living by making jokes, singing, and even offering advice
Sir Toby Belch Olivia’s uncle who lives with her; heavily drinks, makes practical jokes, and is somewhat obnoxious
Maria Olivia’s clever, daring young serving-woman
Sir Andrew Sir Toby’s idiotic “drinking buddy” who attempts to court Olivia
Antonio rescues Sebastian from the shipwreck; becomes very fond of Sebastian
Valentine and Curio two gentlemen who work for Duke Orsino
Fabian a servant in Olivia’s household; assists Maria and Sir Toby in their plot to humiliate Malvolio
Captain rescues Viola from the shipwreck; helps Viola disguise herself to become a servant for Duke Orsino
7 years the length of time Olivia says she will mourn her brother’s death
Cesario Viola’s male disguise
Why was Maria mad at the fool/Feste?
Feste reappears and consoles Olivia Feste’s proof that Olivia is a fool
She will send him fake love letters that he will think are from Olivia. Maria plans a trick to play on Malvolio
the new trick on Malvolio Sir toby, Fabian and Maria decide to lock Malvolio up for fun and to teach him a lesson. They plan that they will let him go when they want to and then celebrate their successful joke.
Sir Toby tricking Sir Andrew Sir Toby encourages Sir Andrew to write a letter to Cesario, challenging him to a duel
Sir Toby tears up the letter Sir Andrew’s letter is so awful that Sir Toby won’t deliver it and instead tells Cesario about the challenge to fight
comic fight scene neither Sir Andrew or Cesario want to fight
to the rescue Antonio sees the fight between Sir Andrew and Cesario and thinks Cesario is Sebastian (twins). He intervenes and is arrested, asks for his money.
Viola realizes Sebastian is alive Antonio tells everyone how he rescued Sebastian from the storm, and is angry about not being given his money
Sir Andrew follows Cesario -new fight Sir Andrew follows Cesario, thinks he finds him and starts a fight- with – Sebastian
Sebastian is a good fighter Sebastian is surprised by the attack but fights back very well, injuring both Sir Andrew and Sir Toby
Sebastian appears in Olivia’s court Olivia, thinking Sebastian is Cesario, proposes marriage again. although he is puzzled, Sebastian accepts.
Olivia challenges Cesario to stay with her Olivia, Orsino and Viola share the stage, Olivia accused Cesario of betrayal of their marriage
happy ending Sebastain and Cesario appear together… mysteries are resolved, love for happy couples
Malvolio in cell Malvolio is tormented in his cell as Feste helps Sir Toby try to make Malvolio mad
freedom for Malvolio Malviolio is released but extremely angry- he does not see the joke and threatens revenge. this is not the happy joke revelation that Sir Toby envisioned and leaves the play with a darker undertone.
finale Final song that expresses the actors wishes and hopes at the end of the entertainmentHey, ho the wind and the rain- and final line- ‘We’ll strive to please you everyday’