Twelfth Night Act 1: Scenes 3-4

1 Sir Toby Belch is Lady Olivia’s Uncle; usually cheerful, amusing, and tipsy
2 Maria, Olivia’s caretaker, gets mad at Sir Toby Belch for trying to get his friend, Sir Andrew Aguecheek, to court Olivia
3 Maria says Sir Andrew is just like Sir Toby: a fool, a brawler, and a drunk
4 Sir Andrew arrives but is discouraged b/c he thinks Olivia doesn’t like him
5 Sir Andrew plans to leave the next morning, but Sir Toby gets him to stay w/ his witty persona
6 At Duke Orsino’s: Viola changes her name to Cesario so she sounds like a teenage boy
7 Duke Orsino likes Cesario so much he makes “him” the messenger of his love letters to Olivia
8 Cesario reluctantly agrees to deliver Orsino’s messages b/c she has lowkey fallen in love w/ him