The Tempest Critics

Barton the storm contains no hint of the marvelous or extraordinary
Barton the normal social responses have been dislocated
Coleridge a lively commencement of the story
Coleridge never puts habitual scorn into the mouths of other than bad men
Todd Trinculo’s role is combining with Stephano in providing comic releif
Todd Prospero takes pleasure in Ariel’s successes
Todd Prospero controls the destiny of the other characters
Todd Only Caliban’s body is enslaved
Todd Miranda’s outward beauty is a reflection of her inner merit
Todd Alonso emerges from the experience as purified and repentant
Todd Stephano’s murder plot is based on folly rather than evil
Riga Prospero can be viewed as a beneficent kindly figure
Kozinsky Prospero is a selfish and venegful tyrant
Westlund Prospero is a deeply subjective character
O’Toole Caliban’s language is that of a slave who binds himself to his master
Mason Shakespeare is indicating alternatives to traditional power models
Beck Prospero is an all knowing character with the perfect plan in place
Jaimeson Areil and Caliban represent two sides of Prospero’s perosnality
Tanner all the venom on Prospero’s island is secreted by men
Tanner Miranda’s pitty must be innate since their is no-one to teach it to her
Tanner The real monsters of the island are Sebastian and Antonio
Adams Stephano and Trinculo are comic and incompetent
Garbar A place where reality is transformed
Chaudhury Caliban appeals to Stephano to achieve his desired end
Delvin Caliban is master of the situation
Haddon Stephano is the real monster
Moseley [reference to the anti-masque] ‘despite this harmony, there is still discord on the island
Moseley The purity of the masque juxtaposed with the impure conspiracy to seize power
Moseley Stephano and Trinculo are far more repulsive than Caliban
Moseley A masque is ‘a means of saying the unsayable’
Moseley Prospero presents the idea of a Good Marriage’
Moseley It is an elaborate way for Prospero to pronounce his blessing on the couple
Moseley An example of how the play concerns itself with education
Andrew green power Prospero is the major source of power within the tempest
Andrew green composer He can be seen as the composer of the events of the play
Andrew green magical they find themsleves helpless in the face of his magical arts
Andrew green orchestra the mighty storm is thus a thunderously orchestrated work of art
Andrew green sadistic at times the music and sounds prospero invokes take on a sadistic quality
Andrew green power struggle ugly nature of power-struggle within politics
Andrew green confusion the strange power of music to control adds to the sense of mystery and confusion
Andrew green melancholy remains a figure of strange melancholy (prospero)
Bradshaw transformation the tempest is his story , his psychic journey of self-transformation
Mcdonald to listen to the tempest’s language is to become deeply sceptical about the operation of all kinds of power – poetic. political and critical too
Sir Peter hall the most blasphemous play that shakespeare ever wrote…is about a man on an island who is allowed to play God and who doesn’t just dabble in witchcraft, but actually performs it
De Grazia not only are their histories similar and their powers interchangeable but both sorceress and magician are driven by the same passion – anger