As You Like It

(I.i) What is Orlando complaining to his servant, Adam, about in the beginning of the play? He is complaining about how his father had died and his brother, Oliver, has inherited almost all of his family’s land and wealth because he is the eldest. His dad made Oliver promise him to take care of his brother, but Oliver has been treating Orlando worse than a horse.
(I.i) What happens between Orlando and Oliver in the beginning of the play? Orlando and Oliver start to bicker, and Orlando grabs Oliver throat and starts to choke him out. Orlando then demands the rest of the inheritance his dad left him and leaves with his servant Adam.
(I.i) What has happened between Duke Senior and Duke Frederick? Duke Senior was banished from the court by his brother, Duke Frederick, and a bunch of young people have been making merry together in the forest with Duke Senior.
(I.i) What happened to Rosalind when Duke Senior got banished? Rosalind did not get banished and it staying with her cousin Celia, Duke Frederick’s daughter.
(I.i) What news does Charles bring to Oliver? How does Oliver respond? He says that there is going to be a big wrestling match tomorrow and Orlando wants to fight Charles. Charles thinks that Orlando is too tender and soft, and tells Oliver to try and persuade Orlando to not fight anymore. However, Oliver says that Orlando is a traitor and a villain and Charles should break Orlando’s neck during the wrestling match.
(I.i) What does Oliver say alone on stage at the end of Act 1 Scene 1? He says that he is not sure why he hates his little brother but is probably is because he is jealous of how much everyone loves Orlando.
(I.ii) How does Rosalind feel about her dad’s banishment? What does Celia say to try to console her? Rosalind is upset that her father was banished and Celia tells her that she should change her perspective and think of Duke Frederick as new daddy. However, Rosalind doesn’t want to do this.
(I.ii) What do Celia talk about love and fortune? They say that it is a pity that only ugly girls are chaste and that pretty girls and promiscuous.
(I.ii) What news does Le Beau bring about the wrestling match? He says that Charles wrestler just fought three brothers and broke all of their ribs and that he is about to face one more person soon if they want to watch.
(I.ii) What does Duke Frederick tell the girls to say to Orlando? How does he respond? He tells them to convince Orlando not to fight Charles because he will be outmatched, but Orlando just puffs out his chest and says he’s got nothing to lose.
(I.ii) What happens in the fight between Orlando and Charles? Orlando easily defeats Charles and no one expects him to win. Charles is so badly hurt he can’t even speak.
(I.ii) What causes Duke Frederick to not appreciate Orlando’s triumph over Charles? Duke Frederick is proud at first, but since Orlando is the son of Sir Rowland de Boys, he does not like him.
(I.ii) How does Rosalind react to Orlando being on of Sir Rowland de Boys’ sons? She is happy because her father, Duke Senior, was good friends with Sir Rowland.
(I.ii) What does Rosalind give Orlando after he wins the fight? She gives him a necklace as a token of her affection.
(I.ii) What does Le Beau warn Orlando of right after the wrestling match? He tells him to not stick around because Duke Frederick is in a bad mood and might hurt him if he stays.
(I.ii) Why does Duke Frederick decide to banish Rosalind? He banishes her because he begins to weary of the fact that everyone keeps praising her. He also believes that she will become a traitor like her father, even though he wasn’t a traitor. Duke Frederick says that if she doesn’t leave, she will be killed.
(I.iii) What is Rosalind’s justification to Celia for falling in love with Orlando so quickly? She says that she fell in love so quickly because Orlando’s dad and her dad were good friends, so her love makes complete sense.
(I.iii) What plan do Celia and Rosalind come up with after Rosalind gets banished? They decide to run away together into the forest where Duke Senior lives. Rosalind points out that it is dangerous for girls to go in the forest alone, and decides to dress up like a man because she is the taller of the two.
(I.iii) What male name does Rosalind give herself? What fake name does Celia give herself? Ganymede. Aliena.
(I.iii) Who else do Rosalind and Celia decide to take on their adventure out the forest? They decide to take Touchstone, the court jester.
(II.i) Why does Duke Senior like the forest? He likes it because the people there are not back stabbers like the people in the court.
(II.i) What was Jaques saying about the killing of deer? Since he spotted a deer that was injured but not killed, he spent a good amount of time thinking about how the forest belongs to the animals, and to kill them is not better than Duke Frederick taking Duke Senior’s throne. He felt sad about how the deer’s comrades just passed on by without helping it, and compared their ignorance to the mean manner of the court.