twelfth night

young girl who has been shipwrecked. to protect herself, she disquises as a young boy named Cesario. She believes her twin brother, sebastian, has drowned. according to the convention of Shakespeare’s day.. Viola and Sebastian are identical in appearance. so when she becomes cesario, she will look exactly like sebastian. she falls in love with duke orsino. viola
ruler of illyria. he loves olivia duke orsino
gentleman attending to the Duke valentine, curio
a beautiful and wealthy young woman. she is mourning her dead brother and promised to hide away in morning for him for 7 years. she rejects all the words of love from orsino olivia
olivia’s servent. he is mad, arrogant, and easily fooled when he finds a fake love letter malvolio
olivia’s drunken uncle. he has convinced sir andrew that olivia will love him. he has done this to encourage andrew to stay and drink with him. he is instrumental in the practical joke played on malvolio. sir toby belch
sir toby’s friend sir andrew
olivia’s jester. the fool was a paid household jester and comic. he sees the truth in everything. he will play the practical joke on malvolio. feste
olivia’s chamber maid. she thinks up the practical joke on malvolio. maria, moira
olivia’s servent fabian
viola’s twin brother sebastian
sebastian’s friend (a sea captain). he is an enemy on Illyria because he killed some of the people antonio
where did the twins come from? messalain
the theme of the play mistaken identity
duke orsino is what? lovesick
who did olivia say was “sick of self-love”? malvolio
what is cesario telling olivia about how she would react to unrequited love? she wouldn’t like it
duke orsino is in love with olivia
olivia is in love with cesario
viola is in love with duke
malvolio is in love with himself
where is sebastian headed? duke orsino’s court
who yells at sir toby and sir andrew for being loud and obnoxious? malvolio
feste’s song- what is ______? tis not hereafter present mirth hath present laughter; what’s to come is still ______. love unsure
duke asks cesario what kind of woman is it? one of your complexion and one of your years
what does duke say about how men love? they love more passionately
the letter says be _____ with servants… let it appear in they _____ wear _________ _________ cross gartered. surly smile yellow stocking
where do antonio and sebastian plan to meet? the inn
what does antonio give sebastian? a purse with money
who intervenes in the fight between cesario and andrew? antonio
who does feste disguise himself as? master topaz
what does malvolio want? pen and paper
sir toby marries ______ maria
original play name what you will
bade asked
coystril low, tricky fellow
ducats gold coins
feigned made up; pretended
hie hurry
hither here
page youth employed to help those at court
rogue mischievous rascal
shrew scolding, complaining person
strife bitter conflict
suit plea; request
unrequited unreturned
virtuous moral; pure
woo to court of seek affection
alas expression of sorrow
caterwauling screeching
dote to be excessively affectionate; fond
horse of that color something of that kind
kinsman male relative
make sport mock; ridicule
sheep-biter dog that bites sheep; sneaky thieving person
beseech beg
draw take out; prepare to fight
gull one easily tricked through his own stupidity
pacified subdued; made peace with
penance act of sorrow for past wrongs
pox curse
tainted weak; infected
tempests storms
valor courage; boldness
vex disturb; bother
whet intensify
haste rush; hurry
ruffian rough, rowdy fellow
anon later
heed pay attention to
kin relation
minion darling; lover
notoriously widely and unfavorably known
pompous self-important; conceited
recompense payment in return for something done
ruler queen elizabeth 1
shakespeares parents john and mary
school attended? stratford grammar school
married at 18
wife was anne hathaway, 26
children susanna, judith and hamnet
left his wife and children and went to l london
____ _____ was at it’s height, killing around 1,100 people per week bubonic plague
robert green a minor dramatist
1594, shakespeares first acting company the lord chamberlain’s men
when did shakespeare die? 1616 on his birthday
shakespeares bday? april 23
how many plays ? 37
how many sonnets 154
poems? 2
which play happened when the globe burned down king henry VIII
first play performed in the theatre was julius caesar
black tragedy
white comedy
red history
people who stood in the pit groundlings
the hut heaven
the stage earth
the trapdoor hell
queen elizabeth died in 1603
king james acting company the kings men
most popular book the bible
people in lower class ate bread and eggs
two main parts of the diet were pottages and stews
which color hair? blonde
four humors blood, phlegm, yellow bile, black bile
typhoid lack of sanitation
scurvy lack of vitamin c
sty rub eye with tail of black tomcat
mental illness transfuse blood from lamb
ducking stool adultery
brank talking/gossiping
hanging manslaughter, robbery, rape
hanged til half dead, cut down, quartered alive treason
burned alive women who poisoned husband
boiled to death cooks who poisoned their customers
cut off hands or pluck out eyes stealing
eagle bird reserved slowly for the king and queen
hunting, cricket, and tennis upper class