As You Like It Act IV Vocab

Abominable AdjectiveDef: Causing moral revulsionS: loathsome, detestableA: delightful, honorable
Censure VerbDef: express severe disapproval of (someone or somethingS:condemn, reprimandA: praise, accept
Emulation NounDef: effort to match or surpass a person or achievement, typically by imitation.S: simulation, imitationA: Opposite
Rumination NounDef: a deep or considered thought about something.S: Reflection, meditationA: disbelief, disdain
Wooed VerbDef: try to gain the love of (someone, typically a woman), especially with a view to marriage.S: pursued, charmedA: ignored, disregardedr
Slander n. oral defamation, in which someone tells one or more persons an untruth about another which untruth will harm the reputation of the person defamed.S: defamation, disparagementA: approval, compliment
Orator nouna public speaker, especially one who is eloquent or skilled.S: speakerA: N/A
Clamorous adjectiveDef: making a loud and confused noise.S: noisy, loudA: quiet, soft
Waspish adjectiveDef: readily expressing anger or irritation.S: crabby, snappishA: pleasant , calm
Boisterous adjectiveDef: (of a person, event, or behavior) noisy, energetic, and cheerful; rowdy.S: rambunctious, rowdyA: quiet, calm
Purlieus nounDef: the area near or surrounding a place.S: area, fringeA: center
Osiers nounDef: a small Eurasian willow that grows mostly in wet habitats and is a major source of the long flexible shoots (withies) used in basketwork.
Contrive verbcreate or bring about (an object or a situation) by deliberate use of skill and artifice.S: concoct, deviseA: break, destroy
Recountment n.Def: the act or process of recounting or reciting something.S: redo