Twelfth Night

Who is the Duke of Illyria/ Orsino in love with? Olivia
What does the Duke refuse to do because he is in love and what does he do instead? He refuses to hunt and instead has muscians play for him while he thinks of Olivia
Who brings tells the Duke that Olivia does not reciprocate his love? Valentine
Why does Olivia not love the Duke? Because her brother died and she is still mourning him. Due to this she wears a veil, will allow no one to see her face for seven years, and will not marry until that time
Who did the Captain rescue from a shipwreck off the Illyrian coast? Viola
What does the Captain tell Viola about her brother, Sebastian? That he saw Sebastian trying to stay afloat on a mast and might still be alive ddespite what Viola thinks
What does the Captain tell Viola about the Duke? That he rules the land( Viola knows off him) and that he is still a bachleor, but in love with Lady Olivia
What does Viola want to do after hearing about Olivia? She wants to be a servant for Olivia and hide from the world and because she needs a source of income
Why does Viola not become a servant for Olivia? Because the Captain tells her that she will not see anyone
What does Viola decide to do instead? She decides to go disguise herself as a man and be a servant of the Duke
Why does the Captain agree to help Viola? Because Viola promises to pay him well
What do we learn about Toby from Maria? That Toby drinks and this annoys Olivia
Who does Toby bring to court Olivia? Sir Andrew Aguecheek
What does Sir Toby share with Sir Andrew? Both of them share unflattering habits
Why does Sir Toby say that Sir Andrew will be a good match for Sir Olivia? Because he is rich, plays instruments, and knows many languages
What does Maria think of Sir Andrew? Maria thinks Sir Andrew is a quarreler, a fool, and a drunk
How does the audience tell that Sir Andrew is a fool? He gets Maria’s name wrong multiple times
What does Sir Andrew think of his chances of getting Olivia to love him are and what does he plan to do? Very slim because she will probably choose the Duke over him so he plans to leave
How does Sir Toby get Sir Andrew to stay? By saying that Olivia will not marry above “her degree, neither in estate, years, not wit”
What has Viola done to be a servant for the Duke? She has disguised herself as a young man named Cesario
How is Viola/Cesario doing in the Duke’s service? Cesario has become a favorite of the Duke after only three days
What responsibility does the Duke give Cesario because of his position? He sends Cesario to carry his love messages to Olivia
Why does Cesario/ Viola protest about carrying the Duke’s messages to Olivia? Because Olivia has ignored the Duke
Why does the Duke think that Cesario will be successful with his task? Because the Duke thinks thats Cesario is is young, handsome, and beautiful (feminine features) and will impress Olivia with his attractiveness
What does the Duke tell Cesario to do with his message to Olivia? To behave as if he were in love with Olivia as the Duke is
What does Viola reveal after going to deliver the Duke’s message? That she is in love with the Duke
What is name of the clown in Olivia’s house? Feste
Where has Feste been prior to talking with Maria and what will Olivia do to hime because of it? No one knows where Feste has been no do they find out, and Maria says that Olivia will punish him for his absence
What does Olivia tell her servants to do about Feste? To get him out of the house
What does Feste do to not be kicked out of the house? He jokes and puts Olivia in a better mood so that he is not kicked out
What does Feste ask Olivia? Why she is mourning
What does Malvolio want to do with Feste? He wants to get ride of Feste as he has no purpose other than to make fun of Olivia
How does Olivia respond to Malvolio’s statement about Feste? She says Malvolio is “sick of self-love” and that Feste’s jokes are the only ones that do not harm her
Who is waiting to see Olivia, but is being held back by Sir Toby? Viola disguised as Cesario
What state is Sir Toby in before Cesario enters? He is drunk
What did Malvolio try to do to get Cesario to leave? Malvolio said that Olivia was sick and asleep, but Cesario refused to leave
Does Olivia want to speak with Cesario? She does not want any outsiders to visit her
What does Olivia ask about Cesario? What type of person he is(age, features)
Why does Olivia allow Cesario into her home? Because she is intrigued
What does Cesario do upon entering Olivia’s home? She delivers the Duke’s love letters verbally having memorized them
What does Olivia do when Cesario delivers the love speech from the Duke? She refuses to hear it, but Cesario manages to get Olivia to listen
What does Olivia change the conversation to? She begins to ask about Cesario as she is now interested
What does Olivia tell Cesario? That she is not interested in the Duke, but that Cesario may come back
What does Olivia do after Cesario has left? She sends Malvolio to give Cesario a ring that she says he left (Cesario did not leave anything behind) and admits that she is in love with Cesario
Who is Antonio hosting in his home? Sebastian, Viola’s twin brother who survived the shipwreck
What happened to Sebastian since the shipwreck? Antonio found Sebastian and took him into his home
What name did Sebastian tell Antonio and why does he reveal his true name now? Roderigo and he told Antonio his real name because he intends to leave and wander
What does Sebastian assume happened to his sister and what does this mean for him? He thinks that Viola died in the shipwreck and since their father is dead, he has no family left
What does Antonio want to do with Sebastian? He wants to go with Sebastian because the Antonio cares about him
Why does Sebastian not want Antonio to come with him and where is he going? Because Sebastian fears his journey will be dangerous and he intends to go to the Duke’s home
What is Antonio’s situation with people working for the Duke and why does he follow Sebastian? He has many enemies in the Duke’s home, but cares about Sebastian
What does Cesario do when Malvolio gives him/her the ring? She goes along with Olivia’s game and says that she gave Olivia the ring. She also tells Malvolio that Olivia must keep it
What does Malvolio do with the ring? He throws it on the ground and leaves
What does Cesario think about Olivia’s game with the ring? Cesario/Viola wonders about why Olivia gave her the rings and if it means that Olivia loves Cesario
What is ironic about the situation Viola finds herself in? Olivia has fallen in love with Viola while Viola is in love with the Duke who is in love with Olivia
What are Sir Andrew and Sir Toby doing when Feste finds them? The two are drinking
Who comes in after the men continue singing? Maria and later Malvolio
What does Malvolio say when he finds the men drunk at night? He tells Sir Toby that he is being rude and that Olivia will ask him to leave the house if his behavior continues
What is the response of Sir Toby, Sir Andrew, and Feste? They make fun of Malvolio
What is Malvolio’s religion that Maria specifically mentions? He is a Puritan
How does Maria intend to get revenge on Malvolio for spoiling the fun she joined in on? Malvolio’s biggest weakness is that he has a large ego and thinks that everyone loves him. She plans to leave letters lying around that look like they are from Olivia to make Makvolio think that Olivia loves him
What do Cesario and the Duke discuss in his house? Love
What can the Duke tell from looking at Cesario? That Cesario is in love, which is true because Viola disguised as Cesario is in love with the Duke
Does the Duke realize that Cesario/ Viola is in love with him? He thinks that Cesario is in love with someone like himself, but does not pick up that that someone is him
What does the Duke tell Cesario about loving someone? He should love a younger woman because they can satisfy the man for a longer
Who is the character that works at both households during the play ? Feste/the Clown
What does Maria leave in the path of Malvolio? A letter that looks like it is from Olivia that says Olivia loves Malvolio
What is Malvolio think about when he finds the letter? About how it would be if he married Olivia and how he would have power over Sir Toby and the servants
Who bears witness to Malvolio’s fantasies and his reading of the letter? Sir Toby, Sir Andrew, and Fabian(servant)
Who is the beloved person’s identity that Malvolio thinks is he? MOAI, all of the letters appear in his name so Malvolio concludes that he is the beloved
What are the signs that the beloved returns Olivia’s love? He must wear yellow “cross-gartered” stockings, be rude to Sir Toby and the Servants, act strange, and smile
Why are the requests meant to make a fool out of Malvolio? Because Olivia hates the color yellow and is still mourning and does not want anyone to smile
What is Cesario doing when he encounters Feste? Cesario is delivering another message from the Duke to Olivia
What does Olivia do when she arrives in the courtyard? She sends away all of her servants so that she is alone with Cesario
What does Olivia tell Cesario in the courtyard? She tells Cesario not to read the Duke’s message because she admits she is in love with Cesario
What is Cesario’s response to Olivia’s confession of love for him? Cesario says that he cannot love Olivia
Who saw Olivia and Cesario in the courtyard and what does this cause him to do? Sir Andrew saw the two in the courtyard and heard Olivia profess her love for Cesario and decided to leave as a result
Why does Sir Toby want to keep Sir Andrew around? Because Sir Toby has been spending Sir Adnrew’s money
What does Sir Toby tell Sir Andrew to do? To show that he is a man to Olivia by challenging Cesario to a duel
What does Maria say about Malvolio’s behavior? She says that he is acting like a complete fool because he is following what was written in the letter
Why are the Duke’s men hostile toward Antonio? Because he once fought the Duke out at sea
Who does Olivia summon to help her bring Cesario back and what is comedic about the situation? Olivia summons Malvolio because he is usually “sad and civil”, but he is acting unusual because he is doing all of the things that the letter told him to do
What does Olivia think of Malvolio? She thinks he is a madman because she does not know about the letter and he is acting strange
What does Malvolio think about Olivia? He still thinks that Olivia likes him despite what she is doing
What do Sir Toby, Fabian, and Maria do when they attend to Malvolio? They act like he is possessed by the devil and decide to force him into a dark room and lock him in
What does Sir Andrew bring in for Sir Toby? He brings in a letter challenging Cesario to a duel that Sir Toby is to deliver to Cesario
What does Sir Toby do instead of delivering the letter? He delivers Sir Andrew’s challenge by telling Cesario in person
What does Olivia give Cesario? A locket with Olivia’s picture inside
What does Sir Toby tell Cesario? That Sir Andrew wishes to duel Cesario, but he does not want a fight
What does Sir Toby tell Sir Andrew? That Cesario wishes to fight
What happens when Cesario and Sir Andrew cross paths? They draw their swords to fight, but are interrupted by Antonio’s entrance. Antonio offers to fight in Cesario’s place, mistaking him for Sebastian. Officers come in and want to take Antonio away because he is want by the Duke. Antonio asks Cesario to return his money so he can pay the bail fee, but Cesario does not have it because he is not Sebastian. Antonio thinks Sebastian is betraying him and is taken away. Cesari/ Viola now has hope that her brother is alive because Antonio mentioned his name
Who does Feste mistake for Cesario? Sebastian
What happens when Sir Andrew sees Sebastian? He mistakes Sebastian for Cesario and strikes him, but Sebastian fights back and tries to leave. Sir Toby prevents this and makes ready to fight Sebastian
What does Olivia do that diffuses the situation? She tells Sir Toby to put his sword away and sends everyone save Sebastian away. She also thinks that Sebastian is Cesario and brings Sebastian into her house
Who does Feste pretend to be when talking to Malvolio? He pretends to be Sir Topas, a priest from fiction
What does Feste do while he is talking with Malvolio? Feste plays with Malvolio by saying that the room is full of windows and misleading him to think that he is still possessed
What does Feste give to Malvolio? Some paper and ink to write a letter to Olivia and a light to see
What does Olivia want to do with Sebastian? She wants to marry him because she thinks she is Cesario
What does the Duke ask Antonio and what is his answer? The Duke asks why Antonio put himself in danger by going into the Duke’s territory. Antonio answers by retelling the story of how her found Sebastian and protected him
What happens when Olivia enters the scene? Olivia mistakes Cesario for Sebastian (who she just married), the Duke feels betrayed by this and want to kill Cesario, Cesario/Viola says that she loves the Duke, Olivia is confused because she thinks Sebastian (who is Cesario) is betraying her
What happens when Sir Toby and Sir Andrew enter the scene? Sir Andrew accuses Cesario of attacking him because he does not know that Sebastian attacked him
What happens when Sebastian enters the scene? He apologizes for beating up Sir Andrew and is happy to see Antonio. Sebastian sees his sister and questions her and realizes that his sister is alive. Everyone realizes that Cesario is actually Viola
What is the Duke’s reaction to this revelation? The Duke is ok with losing Olivia and wants to see Viola in female clothes
What does Viola tell the Duke about her clothes? That she hid them with a captain who now works for Malvolio
What do Feste and Fabian bring in from Malvolio? The letter that he wrote proving that he only did what the letter said
What is Olivia’s reaction to the letter from Malvolio? She realizes that his writing is not that of an insane man and orders Malvolio to be brought in
What does Malvolio do after being brought in by Olivia? He shows Olivia the letter that Maria forged and asks why he was treated the way he was
How does Twelfth Night end? Fabian explains why the trick was played and that Maria just married Sir Toby, Malvolio vows revenge and leaves, the Duke says that there will be two weddings celebrated