Twelfth Night

“If music be the food of love, play on;” Duke Orsino at the beginning of the play. he’s listening to music as he thinks of Olivia
“O, she that hath a heart of that fine frame to pay its debt of love but to a brother…” Orsino to Valentine when he receives the message that Olivia will mourn for seven years
“Conceal me what I am, and be my aid for such disguise…thou shalt present me as an eunuch to him” Viola to the Sea Captain regarding her disguise as Orsino’s servant Cesario
” be his eunuch and your mute I’ll be “ Sea captain to Viola going to help with her disguise
“You mistake, knight; ‘accost’ is in front of her, board her, woo her, assail her” Sir Toby to Sir Andrew as he encourages Andrew to introduce himself to Maria
“Methinks sometimes I have no more wit than a Christian or an ordinary man has. but I’m a great eater of beef and I believe that does harm to my wit” Sir Andrew to Sir Toby and Maria discussing his forgetfulness
“I have unclasped to thee the book even of my secret soul” Duke Orsino to Viola/Cesario meaning he has explained to Cesario how much he loves Olivia; he has shared all the secrets with Cesario
“Whoe’er I woo, myself would be his wife.” Viola in aside; she must woo Olivia for Orsino but wants to marry him herself
“by my troth, Sir Toby, you must come in earlier o’ nights: your cousin, my lady, takes great exceptions to your ill hours” Maria to Sir Toby about his partying and drinking
“better a witty fool than a foolish wit” Clown/Feste to Olivia as he proves her a fool for grieving too long over her brother
” He is very well-favored, and he speaks very shrewishly; one would think his mother’s milk were scarce out of him” Malvolio to Olivia regarding Cesario who has come to deliver Orsino’s message
“Excellently done, if God did all” Viola/Cesario to Olivia regarding to how pretty Olivia is when she removes her veil.
“I cannot love him. Yet I suppose virtuous, know him noble, of great estate, of fresh and stainless youth…” Olivia to Viola/Cesario when Cesario brings Orsino’s message of love
“… yet thus for I will boldly publish her: she bore a mind that envy could not but call fair.” Sebastian to Antonio about Viola
“If you will not murder me for my love, let me be your servant.” Antonio to Sebastian as he requests to serve Sebastian
” Poor lady, she were better lave a dream. Disguise, I see thou art a wickedness wherein the pregnant enemy does much” Viola is aside; she speaks of Olivia and how being in disguise has caused more harm than help.
“… so crammed, as he thinks, with excellencies, that it is his grounds of faith that all look on him love him… I will drop in his way some obscure epistles of love…” Maria to Toby and Andrew as she begins her plan to trick Malvolio
” There is no woman’s sides can bide the beating of so strong a passion as love doth give my heart; no woman’s heart so big, to hold so much…” Orsino in discussion with Viola/Cesario about men being better at love than then woman
“We men may say more, swear more, but indeed our shows are more then will; for still we prove much in our vows but little in our love” Viola/Cesario to Orsino meaning that men may talk much about being at love, but don’t really prove it by what they do
“Cesario, by the roses of spring, by maidenhood, honor, truth, and everything, I love thee so, that, maugre all thy pride, nor reason can my passion hide” Olivia to Viola/Cesario confessing her love
“By innocence I swear, and by my youth, I have one heart, one bosom, and one truth, and that no woman has, nor never non shall mistress be of it, save I alone” Viola/Cesario’s response to Olivia; she cannot love Olivia
“I could not stay behind you … but jealousy what might befall your travel, being skill-less in these parts… unguided and unfriended, often prove rough and inhospitable.” Antonio to Sebastian as he follows him into town to try to help and protect him
“Come, we’ll have him in a dark room and bound. My niece is already in the belief that he’s mad .” Toby to Maria as the last part of the trick against Malvolio
” Prove true, imagination, O, prove true, that I, dear brother, be now ta’en for you!” Viola in aside; after Antonio accuses her of not knowing him, she realizes he thinks she is Sebastian
“…’tis I wonder that enwraps me thus, yet ’tis not madness… I am mad- or else the lady’s mad… there’s something in ‘t that is deceivable” Sebastian in aside as he tries to understand why Olivia is professing love for him and wants to marry him
“Now go with me and this holy man into the chantry by… plight me in full assurance of your faith” Olivia to Sabastian asking him to marry her
“I’ll follow this good man and go with you and, having sworn truth, ever will be true” Sebastian agrees to marry Olivia and promises to be faithful
“Why, there’s for thee, and there, and there. Are all people mad?” Sebastian fights with Sir Andrew who thinks he is Cesario
“I’ll have an action of battery against him, if there is any law in Illyria” Sir Andrew to Sir Toby after his fight with Sebastian
” I say there is no darkness but ignorance” Clown/Feste dressed as Sir Topas as he visits Malvolio imprisoned in the dark room
” and that a partly know the instrument that screws me from my true place in your favor … but this your minion, whom I know you love, and whom, by heaven I swear, I tender dearly, him will I tear out of that cruel eye…” Orsino to Olivia after discovering that Olivia loves Cesario
” After him I love more than I love eyes, more than my life, more by all mores than e’er I shall love wife” Viola/Cesario answers Olivia following Orsino even though he would do her harm
” O thou dissembling cub! What wilt thou be when time hath sowed a grizzle on thy case?” Orsino scolds Viola/ Cesario because he feels Cesario has lied about wooing Olivia. Orsino feels Cesario will be an even bigger liar as he gets old enough to grow a beard
“I am sorry, madam, I have hurt your kinsman, but it been the brother of my blood, I must have done no less with wit and safety” Sebastian apologizing to Olivia for fighting with Sir Toby
“One face, one voice, one habit, and two persons! A natural perspective, that is and is not!” Orsino scolds to all assembled as he sees Sebastian and Viola/Cesario in the same place
“Boy, thou has said to me a thousand times thou never shouldst love women like me” Orsino to Viola, teasing her about being a “boy” but wanting to know she truly loves him
“And all those sayings will I overswear, and all those swearings keep true in soul as doth that orded continent the fire that servers day from night” Viola to Orsino swearing her love is as true as the sun
” I’ll be revenged on the whole pack of you!” Malvolio to the crowd as he leaves angry because they made a fool of him.