The Tragedy of Macbeth Act 4

Apparitions Visions created my the Witches.
Lady Macduff Macduff’s distraught wife
Son Macduff’s child
How does Macbeth’s attitude differ from the first encounter with the witches? He is more confident and is interested in what the witches have to say.
What does this change in attitude show about the change in Macbeth’s character? He is more expecting of greatness compared to the surprising news that one day he will be king in Act one.
Explain how these are stereotypical witches. Cast spells, product future, ugly.
Discuss the apparitions so far in the play. 1. A head with a helmet 2. A bloody child 3. A child wearing a crown holding a branch
A head with a helmet Beware Macduff
A bloody child No man born of woman can harm you.
A child wearing a crown holding a branch You will not be harmed until Birman wood moves toward Dansinane.
Why does Macbeth readily accept the predictions made by the second and third apparitions? He has become so obsessed with power that he is no longer reasonable and believed the unbelievable.
When Macbeth insists on knowing what the future holds for Banquo’s children, how does the witches answer him? Be careful what you wish for.
In the witches’ procession of kings, why do some kings carry double and triple scepters? The scepters represents ruling more than one country at one time.
Why does Banquo’s ghost carry a mirror in relation to Macbeth’s last question to the witches? To show a continuous blood line of kings from Banquo.
What relationship do Macbeth and Macduff have at this time? Why? They are enemies. Macduff believes Malcolm should be king.
Hi has Macbeth become a ruthless, unfeeling person? Support your reasoning His ambition drives him to kill innocent woman and children to get revenge on Macduff.
How does the decision to kill Macduff’s family differ from his decisions to murder Duncan and Banquo? His decision is no longer political and killing Macduff’s family is pure evil.
Based on the conversation between lady Macduff and her son, what type of person is she? She serves as a foil character to Lady Macbeth because she is loving, gentle, and innocent
Compare the characters of lady Macduff to Lady Macbeth? Discuss their similarities and differences. Lady Macbeth is cruel, fake, murderous, ambitious. Lady Macduff is loving, gentle, innocent.
How does the dialogue between lady Macduff and her son affect the reader’s response to their murder? It makes the murder more horrible and the audience hates Macbeth.
How does Malcolm describe himself to Macduff in their conversation? He is not the type of person to make a good king because: 1. Full of lust 2. Full of greed 3. No qualities to be king.
Why does Malcolm misrepresent his character to Macduff ? To test if he could be trusted
What good news about “gracious England” does Malcolm tell Macduff? King Edward and Siward have lent ten thousand troops to help overthrow Macbeth.
What news does Ross bring Macduff about his family? They were murdered by Macbeth assassins
Why might Ross be reluctant to give Macduff the news? Macduff will be devastated, Ross wants Macduff to focus on overthrowing Macbeth.
What is the double meaning of the line: “No, they were well at peace when I did leave’em” He is hinting that they are in peace because they are dead.
How does Ross’s behavior build up the intensity of the scene? The audience knows that Lady Macduff and her son are already dead.
What advice does Malcolm give Macduff in order to control his grief and redirect his emotions? Why? Act like a man, and turn your greed into anger.
What does Macduff vow? Does he react the way people do in real life? Explain. He will kill Macbeth on a one-on-one fight.