The Tempest Vocab. Words ( Act III)

Baseness Definition: (n.) lack of moral principals Synonym: rudenessAntonym: morality Sentence: Rejecting any baseness, it seemed to her that she stood in some brightness
Billow Definition: (n.) a large undulating mass of something Synonym: swellAntonym: little Sentence: Clouds of smoke billow from the burning ceiling of the house.
Brine Definition: (n.) salt water Synonym: saline Antonym: water Sentence: The chicken was soaked in brine before it was roasted.
Jocund Definition: (adj.) merry Synonym: jolly Antonym: sad Sentence: She is always very jocund.
Murrain Definition: (n.) a plague especially affecting animals Synonym: disease Antonym: boon Sentence: There shall be a very grievous murrain.
Odious Definition: (adj.) hateful Synonym: abhorred Antonym: adore Sentence: Mark was assigned the odious task of cleaning his filthy room.
Peerless Definition: (adj.) without equal Synonym: incomparable Antonym: inferiorSentence: The peerless boxer never losses a fight.
Sinews Definition: (n.) tendons Synonym: force Antonym: weakness Sentence: They were the swines of their team.
Surfeited Definition: (adj.) full, satisfied Synonym: glut Antonym: lack Sentence: I was surfeited after having eaten so much food at the banquet.
Trifling Definition:(adj .) UselessSynonym: shallow Antonym: useful Sentence: My time is too valuable to spend on trifling matters that have little worth.
Valor Definition: (n.) great courage in the face of danger Synonym: bravery Antonym: weakness Sentence: The soldier’s valor earned him a medal of honor.
Vigilance Definition: (n.) watchfulness Synonym: alertness Antonym: neglect Sentence: If we want to end bullying in the schools, everyone needs to remain vigilant toward any type of discrimination.