The Tempest – Quotes

What cares these roarers for the name of the king? To cabin! Silence! Trouble us not. Alonso etc experience a loss of power as the boatswain is giving them orders and insists that nature (or Prospero) doesnt care for their titles
DogCurWhoresonInsolent noisemaker Antonio and Sebastian are very power hungry and are infuriated by the boatswains lack of respect
O I have suffered with those that I saw suffer Miranda is a stereotypical female character; gentle, kind, empathetic
Lie there my art Said when Prospero takes off his cloak to talk to Miranda; a symbol of illusion
Pluck my magic garment from me Prosperos magic garment is a prop which makes prospero seem more powerful and magical, imperative pluck shows power over Miranda
Obey and be attentive Prosperos power over Miranda
Secret studies Wrong, should have been attending to his duties
Your take, sir, would cure deafness Mirandas sarcasm or being attentive daughter
Good wombs have borne bad sons Miranda suggests nurture rather than nature
Thou wast that did preserve me Prospero reassures Miranda she was not trouble, good father
Great master Ariel praises Prospero and flatters him in order to gain some power of Prospero and to be treated better
My brave spirit Prospero is a good master to ariel
Is there more toil? Ariel to Prospero about his freedom
Thy groans did make wolves howl Prospero Reminds Ariel of his imprisonment to retain power
Poisonous slave Caliban and Prospero have a very harmful relationship. Unlike Ariel, Prospero didn’t save Caliban, he just took his power
This islands mine Caliban believes the island belongs to him
human care Prospero believes he treated Caliban with human care and feels he has been nothing but kind to Caliban. This amplifies the betrayal felt by Prospero when Caliban tried to rape Miranda
O ho! Would’t had been done Calibans anger is so great he is unrepentant for attempted rape – nature Vs nurture
Wouldst gabble like a thing most brutish Miranda Viewpoints of coloniser and colonised; Prospero/Miranda feels as though Caliban owes him for trying to civilise him
You taught me language, and my profit on’t is, I know how to curse Caliban feels as though the education given by Prospero has taken away his freedom and power
Ariel. invisible, playing and singing Comforts Ferdinand with a song
Nothing ill can dwell in such a temple Miranda about Ferdinand
My foot my tutor Prospero mocking the idea that Miranda can tell him what to do
Weigh our sorrow with our comfort Gonzalo attempts to comfort Alonzo by telling him to balance the bad luck of Ferdinand with the good luck of survival
Here is everything advantageous to life Gonzalo is optimistic and positive about the island
Riches, poverty, and use of service, none Gonzalo imagines a utopian society with no rich poor or slaves
My strong imagination sees a crown dropping upon thy head Antonio tries to persuade Sebastian to kill alonso using an image
It is a sleepy language Sebastian is at first against the idea of killing alonso
S) I am standing water A) I’ll teach you how to flow I’m listening/you need to act Antonio trying to persuade Seb natural imagery shows natural evil
Where lies that (about his conscience) Antonio has no conscience
Would this monster make a man Trinculo talks about how caliban would make him money explorers often brought back inhabitants of lands and displayed them for money
Stephano: (drinks) He’s very drunk wrong yet in a position of power
Do not torment me! Callibans first response to unknown activity is that it is harmful; shows how he’s been mistreated
Moon-calf Stephano about caliban monster/idiot
I’ll show thee every fertile inch o’th’island Caliban repeats what he did to prospero and Miranda to stephano
A most ridiculous monster, to make a wonder of a poor drunkard Caliban attempts to escape slavery by enslaving himself to someone else. Uses the same tactic as Antonio used to overthrow Prospero. Caliban is still naive and misled as he thinks Stephano is a God
Freedom Caliban repetitively sings freedom ironic as he is not free just has a new master
Enter Ferdinand, bearing a log Prospero makes Ferdinand carry out the same tasks as caliban
Makes my labours pleasures Ferdinand is happy to do work for Miranda (contrasts caliban)
Enter Miranda, and Prospero (following at a distance) Prospero is in control of their encounters much like everything else in the play
I am your wife, if you will marry me // I’ll bear your logs for a while Unconventional woman; Miranda proposes to Ferdinand as well as offering to help with his work
Lord of the island Stephano is drunk on alcohol and power. Comedic due to stupidity of the situation. Mocks power hungry people like Antonio
Paunch him with a stake Calibans plans to kill Prospero are well thought out and detailed meaning he must have thought about it before, highlighting calibans hate for prospero
Stephano: [strikes Trinculo] Slapstick comedy, Ariel is mimicking trinculos voice
This I will tell my master Ariel plans to tell Prospero about calibans plot showing loyalty
The island is full of noises, sounds and sweet airs, that give delight and hurt not Poetic language show Calibans love for the island and make it difficult for the reader to see Caliban as a savage
(The clouds) show riches Caliban appreciates the beauty of nature
I cried to dream again Caliban only finds Peace when he is asleep and dreaming about the island, sympathy for caliban
Thunder and lightning. Enter Ariel Evokes fear in the king etc Prospero gains power over them through Ariel
You are three men of sin // nothing but hearts sorrow and a clear lie ensuing Ariel reminds men of their wrongs and makes them feel powerless, only resentful living can save them
Gift // break her virgin-knot Prospero describes Miranda as a gift to Ferdinand threatens so he doesn’t take her virginity before marriage
Do you love me master? No? // dearly, my delicate Ariel Loving Relationship between Ariel and Prospero
Revels/actors/globe (like globe theatre) Theatrical associations – as the actors have vanished so will everyone else
We are such stuff as dreams are made on; and our little life is rounded with a sleep // my old brain is troubled Prospero reflects on his life and recognises his age and mortality. Many critics believe Shakespeare is referring to the impermanence of Shakespeare’s own works
A born devil, on whose nature nurture can never stick Implies that Calibans bad actions are nature and cannot be changed
Do that good mischief which may make this island thine own for ever Caliban attempts to refocus trinculo and Stephano in the murder of Prospero
Grind their joints with dry convulsions Prospero is very angry at Calibans plan. Prospero may dislike Caliban more as he is never able to have complete control over him
Your affections would become tender Ariels compassion seems to restore Prosperos humanity
The rarer action is in virtue, than in vengence Forgiveness not revenge
Graves at my command have waked their sleepers Black magic; is Prospero good or bad
I’ll drown my book Books represent magic and power
Prospero traces out a circle on the stage Prospero still has complete power, unity
Noble friend Gonzalo is finally treated with the respect he deserves (by Prospero)
I do forgive thee, unnatural though thou art Prospero chooses forgiveness over revenge
How beauteous mankind is! O brave new world that has such people in’t! Miranda is still naive. She admires the men without knowing their corrupt natures (last lines)
Seb will money buy ’em // Ant no doubt marketable Colonialism
This thing of darkness, I acknowledge mine Prospero is either taking responsibility for Caliban or seeing him as property
What a thrice-double ass was I to take this drunkard for a god Caliban recognises his misjudgement and the audience pity’s him (last lines)
But release me from my bands with the help of your good hands Prospero asks the audience to set him free (with applause) links to Shakespeare’s life
A brave vessel, who had no doubt some noble creature in her Miranda assumes that those inside the boat are good