The Tempest Act 4 and 5 Study Guide

What does Prospero instruct Ariel to do in this scene? Prospero tells Ariel to hang his royal wardrobe on the lime tree outside his cell
What does Prospero call Caliban in this scene? Prospero calls Caliban a “born devil”
Why does Prospero feel he has treated Caliban humanely? Prospero has taken Caliban into his own cell and taught him language
How do Stephano and Trinculo react to Prospero’s expensive wardrobe? Stephano and Trinculo are distracted, forgetting about their conspiracy to murder Prospero
How does Caliban react to Prospero’s finery? Caliban thinks Prospero’s robes are nothing but “trash”
What have Stephano and Trinculo lost in the “fifty-mantled pool”? Stephano and Trinculo have lost their bottle of wine in the “filthy-mantled pool”
Who carries the stolen clothing? Why? Caliban is told that he must carry the stolen clothes or Stephano will turn him out of his kingdom
What finally happens to the thieving trio? The thieving trio is driven out by Prospero’s spirits in the shape of dogs
In what way is Shakespeare observing the Aristotelian unity of time? The action of the play takes place within the timespan of one day
Where has Ariel left the members of the royal party? Ariel has left the royal party imprisoned in a grove of trees next to Prospero’s cell
What is the emotional condition of the king and his followers? Alonso, Sebastian, and Antonio are distraught and the others are mourning for them
What does Prospero decide to do about the royal party? Prospero intends to forgive the “three men of sin” if they are are penitent
What does Prospero intend to do with his magic staff and book? Prospero will break his staff and throw his book into the sea
Why does Prospero give up his magic? Prospero’s magic has accomplished its purpose of bringing his enemies to repentance and regaining his dukedom in Milan
Why do the king and his royal party stand in a circle? Prospero’s magic circle keeps the king and his royal party spellbound
What does Prospero tell Alonso, Sebastian, and Antonio after the magic spell wears off? Prospero tells the three men that they are forgiven for all their evil deeds
What does Prospero do with his magic robe after he forgives his enemies? Prospero removes his magic robe to present himself as the former Duke of Milan
Why does Prospero vow to destroy his staff and book? Prospero vows to destroy his book and staff because he believes political power is more important than magical power
How does Gonzalo’s speech about coincidence and fate contradict the real circumstances on the island? Gonzalo’s speech is false because what happened on the island was not a coincidence, it was Prospero’s doing
How is Ariel almost more human than Prospero? Ariel is more human than Prospero because he is more compassionate than Prospero
What is significant about Prospero’s acknowledging Caliban as “his”? It is significant that Prospero claims Prospero as “his” because that is dehumanizing him and claiming him as property
How long has the action of the play taken? How do you know? The action of the play is four hours long
When will Ariel be free? Ariel will set Caliban free when he has served Prospero faithfully and at the end of the play
What is the purpose of the epilogue? The purpose of the epilogue is Prospero giving a speech asking to be freed and people believe that the speech doubles as Shakespeare’s farewell to the theater
Prospero tells Ferdinand that he has given him a third of his own life, which refers to Miranda. Explain what the other two thirds of Prospero’s life would be. The other two thirds of Prospero’s life would be Milan and Prospero’s art
Describe the political consequences of Miranda’s marrying Ferdinand. The political consequences of Ferdinand and Miranda getting married is that it benefits Prospero because he wants to be Duke and Ferdinand’s father is Alonso
Identify the goddesses who appear in the masque? The goddesses who appear in the masque Juno, Iris, and Ceres
What issue exists between Ceres and Venus so that Ceres has foresworn Venus’ company? The issue between Ceres and Venus is that when Venus and her “evil” son planned a way to for the god of the underworld to steal Ceres daughter away from her for half a year
What does Prospero mean by his famous line “We are such stuff / As dreams are made on, and our little life / is rounded with a sleep.” What Prospero means in this quote is that people dream of being the people that they are
What is significant about the circumstances under which Prospero ends the masque? Prospero ends the masque because he remembers that Caliban tried to kill him
Why is Prospero so positive that Caliban cannot be reformed? What two themes are being explored here? Prospero is positive that Caliban cannot be reformed because he believes Caliban is the born devil
What is significant about the way Ariel foils the assassination plot? The significance of the way Ariel foils the assassination plot was to humiliate their enemies and expose their grief
What is significant about the last five lines of Act IV, Scene I? What is Prospero promising Ariel? The last five lines of Act 4 are significant because it sets the stage for Prospero’s confrontation with enemies and the restoration of peace