The Tempest

Whom does Caliban mistake for one of Prospero’s spirits sent to torment him? Trinculo
What was Prospero’s title before his position was usurped and he was forced to flee Italy? Duke of Milan
From which country is Alonso’s ship returning when it is caught in the tempest? Tunis
How long have Prospero and Miranda been on their island? 12 years
What was the name of Caliban’s mother? Sycorax
Over how many days does the action of The Tempest take place? One
Which mythical figures appear in the wedding masque Prospero stages for Miranda and Ferdinand? Ceres, Iris, and Juno
Which character is Prospero’s brother? Antonio
Which character is Sebastian’s brother? Alonso
What do we see Miranda and Ferdinand doing in the play’s final scene? Playing chess
What shape does Ariel assume at the magical banquet in Act III, scene 3? Harpy
What do Prospero and Ariel set out as bait for Caliban, Trinculo, and Stephano? “glistening apparel”
What does Caliban say must be done before Prospero can be killed? His books
What is the name of Alonso’s daughter? Claribel
What does Prospero give as his reason for treating Caliban so badly? Caliban attempted to rape Miranda
Who helped Prospero and Miranda to flee Italy? Gonzalo
Where does Ariel put the mariners and Boatswain after the tempest? Asleep in the ship in the harbor
Where did Sycorax imprison Ariel? In a cloven pine
What task are both Caliban and Ferdinand forced to perform? carrying wood
Who persuades Sebastian to try to kill Alonso? Antonio
What does Prospero intend to “drown” after he has reconciled with his enemies? His book (of magic)
What does Caliban say is his “chief profit” from learning language? He knows how to curse
Which characters do Stephano and Trinculo most clearly parody? Antonio and Sebastian
What is the final task Prospero orders Ariel to perform? To give the fleet calm seas on its return to Italy
We are told that one of the following characters has visited England. Which one? Trinculo
The Tempest is the ___________ play Shakespeare wrote by himself, as well as acted in last
After the tempest, what does Prospero order Ariel to do? Become invisible
Who plots to murder the shipwrecked lords as they sleep? Stephano and Antonio
Who gets drunk and raucous? Stephano, Trinculo, and Caliban
Who is the King of Naples? Alonso
What has Prospero been doing on the island for twelve years? Refining his magic
What did Prospero do for Ariel? Released him from imprisonment
Who provides the main comic relief in the play? Trinculo and Stephano
What got Prospero into trouble before the play begins? His pursuit of knowledge
What does Miranda do in Act 3, scene 1 that is surprising? She proposes to Ferdinand
What does Caliban do that contrasts with his savage demeanor and grotesque appearance? He gives beautiful speeches
Is Caliban a monster or a man? It is never clarified
What does the parallel between Alonso’s desire to drown himself and Prospero’s promise to drown his book symbolize? Their need for sacrifice
What does the tempest that begins the play symbolize Suffering and magical power
In the opening of the first scene, what are the nobles doing during the storm? Running around in chaos
What does Gonzalo suggest the mariners do? Pray for the king
Where is the ship coming from? Tunis
Who do Sebastian and Antonio curse? The Boatswain
Where do Antonio, Sebastian, and Gonzalo go when the mariners cry out? To look for the king
What does Miranda entreat Prospero to do with the men in the shipwreck? To keep them safe
Who helped Antonio raise an army and usurp Prospero? The King of Naples
Where was Ariel before Prospero set him free? in a tree
Who or what is Sycorax? A witch
What does Caliban do after Prospero do to anger him? Curses Prospero
According to Caliban, what did Prospero do to anger him? Betrayed and enslaved him
What do Miranda and Ferdinand do when they see each other? Fall in love
How does Prospero feel about Miranda and Ferdinand falling in love? Secretly pleased
Which of the lords expresses the belief that the island is a good place to be? Gonzalo
Who doesn’t fall asleep when Ariel enters playing music? Sebastian and Antonio
What do Sebastian and Antonio plan while the others sleep? To kill Alonso
Who stops Alonso from getting murdered? Ariel and Gonzalo
What does Sebastian do when everyone wakes up before he and Antonio can kill Alonso? Make up a story
When Trinculo sees Caliban lying on the ground under a cloak, what does he do? He joins him
When Stephano spots Trinculo and Caliban under the cloak, what does Stephano think he sees? A two-headed monster
What does Caliban do after Stephano mistakes him for something else? get drunk
What does Caliban offer the Stephano and Trinculo? To show them around
What is Ferdinand doing at the beginning of Act 3, scene 1? Carrying wood
How does Miranda react when she learns Ferdinand is a prince? She asks if he loves her
What title does Stephano assume in this scene? Lord of the Island
What does the invisible Ariel do to cause trouble between Stephano and Trinculo? Ventriloquizes Trinculo
What does Caliban say that himself, Stephano and Trinculo must do to take power from Prospero Steal his books
Why does Stephano relish the idea of becoming ruler of the island kingdom? The music is free
As the men are about to eat the banquet set before them, Ariel appears in what form? A harpy
Ariel tells the men that their shipwreck and the loss of Ferdinand are punishment for what? Endangering Prospero and Miranda
When Ariel makes the banquet disappear, what do the men do? Draw their swords
Why can’t the men attack Ariel with their swords? Their swords become heavy
What does Alonso do when reminded of the likely death of his son? tries to drown himself
Why does Prospero abruptly end the masque? He remembers Caliban’s plot
Where does Ariel lead Trinculo, Stephano and Caliban to delay their attack? Into a swamp
What happens when Trinculo and Stephano touch the clothing? They are chased
What does Prospero promise to give Ariel at last? freedom
In the final scene, what does Prospero do for his enemies? Forgive them
What effect does the sight of more humans have on Miranda? She is impressed
Why does Prospero ask the audience to applaud him at the end of the play? To release him