The Merchant of Venice ~ Acts 3 & 4

Who and to whom says this quote: “My own flesh and blood to rebel!”? Shylock to Salarino and Salanio
What is the main point of Shylock’s speech when responding to Salarino’s comment about Antonio’s bond? Jews are humans like Christians; his revenge is justified since Antonio wronged him many times
To whom does Shylock makes his most famous speech to about the justification of his bond? Salarino and Salanio
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While Bassanio is deciding which casket to choose, he makes a speech. What is the main point of the speech and which casket does he choose? appearance and money isn’t everything; lead casket
Why does Bassanio suddenly become anxious after opening the casket and reading the scroll? he doesn’t know if Portia wants to kiss him and is concerned about her consent
What is the theme in this passage: “I would be trebled twenty times myself…I would have myself tripled twenty times and friendship might stand high in your account. A thousand times more fair, ten thousand times more rich, that only to stand high in your account”? Who is speaking and to whom? love = money; Portia to Bassanio
What happens if Bassanio loses the ring? Portia will leave him and the deal will be off
What is the relationship between Gratiano and Nerissa? they are married and follow whatever Bassanio and Portia do
Who is Salerio? a merchant and a friend of Antonio and Bassanio
What news does Salerio bring with Lorenzo and Jessica? he brings a letter from Antonio saying that all his ships have crashed and he wants Bassanio there when Shylock kills him
What is Portia’s response to Antonio’s letter? Portia tells Bassanio to go see Antonio and try and pay off Shylock any amount of money he needs
What is Antonio’s one request of Bassanio? that Bassanio will come to see him before he dies
What one phrase does Shylock constantly repeat that shows his feelings between the pound of flesh vs. money debacle? “I will have my bond”
Why can’t the Duke just cancel the bond? it would ruin their credibility with contracts and no one would want to trade with them anymore
What does Portia tell Lorenzo and Jessica? that she is going to a monastery and that Lorenzo is in charge of her house and servants while she is gone
What might be the purpose for Act 3 Scene 5? it shows life with Jessica after she gets married and it shows that she is still treated as a Jew even though she converted
Who disgraces Jessica (in Act 3 Scene 5) and treats her (badly) as a Jew even though she converted? Lancelet
Why does Jessica really like Portia? she is the first person to treat her kindly and like a normal human being after converting
What is the point Shylock makes about the Venetian slaves? if the Venetians can own slaves (flesh) which they “rightly” bought with their money, then Shylock can do the same with Antonio’s flesh which he “rightly” bought
What reason does Shylock give for not showing mercy to Antonio and why? he doesn’t and won’t give a reason because he thinks his actions are justified enough
Why does the Duke send to Padua for an opinion and what answer does he receive? he thought that he couldn’t make the decision himself and needed help from an expert; Bellario is sick and he’s sending Balthazar in his place
What is Portia saying in the “quality of mercy” speech? it’s not possible to force people to have mercy on others, mercy is a quality of God and makes others feel better when you show mercy on them, people who have Earthly power can be respected like God if they show mercy on others
Why does Portia say she cannot, as Bassanio suggests, “do a great right [by doing] a little wrong”? she can’t do it because then everyone will want want their contracts broken and ruin the trade in all of Venice by setting a bad example
After Shylock once again demands justice, the court prepares the knife and the scales. What comment does Bassanio make that Portia hears? What does Portia say? Bassanio says that he would sacrifice his wife and all this things to Shylock in order to save Antonio; Portia as Balthazar says that Bassanio’s wife would not have appreciated that comment
As Shylock prepares to get his pound of flesh, what condition does Portia put on him? Portia says that Shylock can take the flesh but there can’t be any blood because blood wasn’t in the bond; the flesh cannot be less or greater than a pound
What is the anti-Semitic law that Portia uses to defend herself? “a Jew cannot shed Christian blood or else he will lose all his goods to the state”
As Shylock prepares to leave the court with nothing, Portia stops him. What does she say? Portia says that Shylock cannot leave the court without service his own justice; he must leave with the forfeiture or the consequence of his bond
What is the Xenophobic law that Portia uses to defend herself?Why does she say that Shylock must beg mercy from the Duke? “if a non citizen tries to kill a citizen, the victim gets half of his goods and the state gets the other half. then the duke decides if he lives or dies”; shylock has to beg the duke for mercy because he has control over his life or his death
Who and to whom says this quote: “You take my house, when you do take the prop / That doth sustain my house”? Shylock to the Duke, Antonio, and the court
What is the mercy that Antonio shows to Shylock and what are the requirements? the state will give Shylock their half of his money but Antonio will keep his share for investments if he converts to Christianity and allows all his money to go to Lorenzo after he dies