Tchaikovsky’s Romeo and Juliet Fantasy Overture

Explain sonata form Exposition: presents themes in 2 contrasting groups, Subject 1 and Subject 2, with S2 being more lyrical usually, ends in codettaDevelopment: experiments with themes, often tense and dramaticRecapitulation: repeat of expo but very different, with themes omitted or added, more confident, ends in coda
Instrumentation Full symphony orchestra throughout
What is programme music Music that describes a story
Friar lawrence theme F#minorchorale style melody4 part harmony (homophonic)stepwise mvtrhythms slowimperfect cadenceintro, dev, recap
Subject 1 / Strife theme B minorRepeated notesDotted rhythmsSyncopation4 bar melodyexpo, recap
Love theme p1 Step + leap movementDb majorexpo, recap, coda
Love theme p2 Long melody crotchet rhythmFalling 2nds, diminished 5ths2 bar melodic motif repeateddeveloped sequentiallyexpo + recap