Romeo and Juliet Vocabulary

Choler irascibility; anger; wrath; irritability
Partisans an adherent or supporter of a person, group, party, or cause, especially a person who shows a biased, emotional allegiance
Profaners characterized by irreverence or contempt for God or sacred principles or things; irreligious
Pernicious causing insidious harm or ruin; ruinous; injurious
Wield to exercise (power, authority, influence, etc.), as in ruling or dominating
Forfeit a fine; penalty
Augmenting to make larger; enlarge in size, number, strength, or extent; increase
Fray a fight, battle, or skirmish
Chaste refraining from sexual intercourse that is regarded as contrary to morality or religion; virtuous
Marred to damage or spoil to a certain extent; render less perfect, attractive, useful, etc.; impair or spoil
Languish to be or become weak or feeble; droop; fade
Soliloquy a long speech by a character alone on stage, usually revealing his or her inner thoughts
Monologue also a long speech by one character, but it may be in the presence of other characters
Dialogue speech or conversation between two or more characters
Aside words spoken to the audience by a character
Fortnight fourteen days
Weaned to accustom (as a young child or animal) to take food otherwise than by nursing
Perilous full of danger
Teat the part of a female animal (such as a cow) through which a young animal receives milk
Valiant possessing or acting with bravery or boldness
Hoodwinked to mislead by a trick, decieve
Ambling walk or move at a slow, relaxed pace.
Nimble moving quickly and lightly
Visage face
Constable a peace officer with limited policing authority, typically in a small town.
Mire a stretch of swampy or boggy ground
Courtier An attendant at a royal court
Bodes be an omen of a particular outcome.
Revels festivities
Unplagued free of problems
Corns a small, painful area of thickened skin on the foot, esp. on the toes, caused by pressure.
Knaves male servants
Nuptial wedding
Rapier sword
Disparagement belittlement
Semblance A likeness; an outward appearance; an apparition
Scathe harm; injure
Profane relating or devoted to that which is not sacred or biblical; secular rather than religious.
Purged cleansed
Trifling Not significant, frivolous
Prodigious enormous