Othello Terms

act a major subdivision of a play
aside a line spoken by an actor that other characters on stage are not supposed to hear
monologue a speech delivered by 1 character
scene a part of an act
soliloquy a speech delivered by a character who is alone on stage these are their true thoughts
stage direction the italicized descriptions of setting and actions – do not read these aloud
ancient the third highest position in the Venetian military
beguile to trick
cuckold a man whose wife cheats on him
Cyprus an island off the coast of Turkey
dupilcitious deceitful; 2-faced
general the highest ranking position in the Venetian military
herald messenger
insolent foe rude enemy
lascivious lustful, overly sexual
lieutenant the second highest position in the Venetian military
maiden virgin; unmarried woman
Moor medieval Muslim inhabitants of the Mediterranean area
Ottomites turkish people
signior “Mister” in Italian
Venetian a person or thing from Venice
Venice a city in northern Italy
wisage face
woo to flirt
art are
ay yes
betwixt between
bloody “By our lady:, a curse on Jesus’ mother Mary
hast has
oft often
o’er over
o’erbearing overbearing
post-haste super fast
put up your swords put your swords away
saucy rude
th’ the
thine yours
thou you
thy your
What ho! Hello!
t’ to
’tis it is
’twas it was
’twere it were
‘Zounds “Christ’s wounds”, a curse on Jesus’ suffering