romeo and juliet vocab (synonyms and antonyms)

fickle synonyms: capricious, changeable, temperamental, volatile, inconsistantantonyms: constant, stable, steadfast, steady
rancor synonyms: acrimony, malice, enmity, harshness, hostility, resentmentantonyms: good will, friendliness, kindness, friendship
inundate synonyms: to deluge, to flood, to overflow
bauble knickknack, novelty, curio, trifle, ornament
dote synonyms: cherish, fawn, flatter, nurture, praiseantonyms: ignore, insult, offend criticize, denounce
bawdy synonyms: lewd, obscene, rude indecent, licentious, prurient, salacious
dexterity synonyms: deftness, ingenuity, nimbleness, skill, adroitnessantonyms: ineptitude, incapacity, lack, inability
arbitrate synonyms: to adjudicate, to intervene, to mediate, to plactate
jocund synonyms: elated, jocular, jolly, lighthearted, merry, sprightlyantonyms: unmerry, sad, melancholy, morose
saucy synonyms: brash, cheeky, flippant, rude, insolent
lamentable synonyms: deplorable, grievous, lousy, pitiful, woeful, wretchedantonyms: blessed, cheering, comforting
pernicious synonyms: damaging, dangerous, deadly, destructive, detrimental, harmfulantonyms: beneficial, assisting, health-benefiting, wholesome
grievance synonyms: grief, hardship, injustice, objection, outrage, resentment, sorrow
pestilence synonyms: contagion, disease, endemic, infection, plague, scourge, sickness
languish synonyms: deteriorate, dwindle, fail, faint, rot, suffer, weaken, witherantonyms: build, develop, grow, be happy, flourish, strengthen
scourge synonyms: curse, pest, terror, affliction
garish synonyms: gaudy, glittering, ornate, ostentatious, showy, tastelessantonyms: modest, plain, refined, simple
inauspicious synonyms: unfortunate, ominous, unpromising, baleful, dire, impendingantonyms: auspicious, favorable, fortunate, promising
impetuous synonyms: ardent, impulsive, hurried, unreflecting
sepulchre synonyms: catacomb, crypt, mausoleum, shrine, tomb, vault