Romeo and Juliet Study Guide Questions Act 2-Scene 4 -Ms. Gerardi 9R

What do Benvolio and Mercutio think is still Romeo’s problem? Moping and sad over Rosaline
What has Tybalt done? Challenged Romeo to a duel
What do the two friends think Romeo will do about it? Accept the challenge
Why do Benvolio and Mercutio say Romeo is already dead? Because he’s been hit by cupid’s arrow (love) and is miserable because of it (they think!)
What kind of duelist is Tybalt? How do you know? Excellent! He is the best – Mercutio goes on and on about it
When Romeo enters this scene, what do his friends do to him? They tease him about disappearing last night
Why has the Nurse come to see Romeo? To find out details about the wedding
How does Romeo describe Mercutio? A man who likes to hear the sound of his own voice
What warning does the Nurse give Romeo about Juliet? That she is a wonderful girl and he better not be messing with her
What is Romeo’s message? Juliet should go to Friar Laurence this afternoon for confession and marriage!
Who does the Nurse tell Romeo about? What is her impression of him now? Paris, who she knows Juliet thinks is a toad compared to Romeo