Romeo and Juliet study guide- Queen Mab

What do lovers dream of Love
What do courtiers dream of Courtsies straight (forst mention)Of suits (second mention)
What do lawyers dream of Money
What do ladies dream of Kisses
What do parsons dreams of Benefice
What do soldiers dream of Killing people
Midwife Someone who delivers babies
Agate-stone Gem
Alderman City official
Atomy Tiny particle
Traces Part of the harness
Wagoner Person who drives the carriage
Prick’d Taken
Joiner Person who builds from wood
Plagues Diseases or illness
Tainted Marked or dirtied by
Suit A request or favor
Tithe-pigs tail Payment to the church
Parson A churchman
Breaches, ambuscadoes Ambushes
Healths five-fathoms deep Large drinks
Plats Braids
Elflocks Horses mane
Bode Foretell/predicts
Hag Witch
Maids Virgins
What does she do Fairies midwifeShe gives people dreamsQueen Mab spends her time galloping over the noses and lips of sleepers, filling their dreams with wild fantasies
What is mab slang for W+h+o+r+e
How big is mab Smaller than an agate stone
What does she ride in Queen Mab is a tiny fairy that rides around in a coach made out of an “empty hazelnut” with spider’s “legs” for wheel spokes (1.4.72, 64). The coach is driven by an even tinier “grey-coated gnat” and drawn by a “team of little atomi” (tiny atoms).
What dies she act like Angry she’s a hag She’s a slut
What does she have A whip of crickets bone The lash of film
Who says the queen mab speech Mercutio
When does mercutio say the queen mab speech Before the Capulet party
When she is angry what does she do When she’s in a bad mood, she plagues women who dream of “kisses” with nasty sores (“blisters”) that might just be cold sores but might also be nastier things, like pox from syphilis, and she’s fond of making young, virginal girls have naughty dreams.
What is mercutio implying Fed up with Romeo’s lovesick moping for Rosaline, Mercutio taunts his buddy by saying that Queen Mab must have paid him a visit in the dream Romeo tries to tell him about. Mercutio also informs Romeo that dreams “are the children of an idle brain,” which is another way of saying that Romeo is an idiot and his dreams about Rosaline are ridiculous
What does this say about dreams They lie and are not to be trusted
What does this say about love It is childish and small and insignificant
What is the purpose of the speech To tell Romeo Dreams shouldn’t be trusted and love is a lie