Romeo and Juliet, Part 2

What does Lord Capulet threaten to do if Juliet does not agree to marry Paris? disown her
What is Lord Capulet planning for Juliet? A surprise wedding with Paris
Where does Romeo go after his banishment Mantua
Whom does Juliet see at Friar Lawrence’s cell? Paris
Which of the following best describes Juliet’s remarks to Paris in Friar Lawrence’s cell? She speaks truthfully, but her words do not really pertain to him
Juliet’s mood when she asks for Friar Lawrence is _________ desperate
The main point of Friar Lawrence’s plan is to ________________. fake Juliet’s death
When Juliet is speaking to Paris in Friar Lawrence’s cell, the following bit of dialogue occurs:PARIS: Thy face is mine, and thou hast sland’red it.JULIET: It may be so, for it is not mine own.What is Juliet suggesting with this line? She is putting on a fake face for Paris; she is not being herself
Before she drinks the potion, Juliet fears that _____________ It will not work at all, it will actually kill her, and she will wake up early and go insane
At which point does Juliet accomplish the first step of the plan? When she tells her father that she WILL marry Paris
The scene that involves the Capulet’s making wedding preparations is in the play for ____________ comic relief
Who first finds Juliet after she has taken the potion? the nurse
Paris ________ other
Prince Escalus __________ other
Romeo’s father ________ Montague
Juliet’s Mother __________ Capulet
Friar Lawrence ___________ other
True or False.Lord Capulet moves the wedding date from Thursday to Wednesday? true
What happens to Juliet at the end of Act 4? everyone thinks she is dead
What is the name of Romeo’s servant? Balthasar
What news does Romeo’s servant bring to Romeo in Mantua? that Juliet’s dead
True or false.An apothecary is someone who makes and sells drugs using natural elements true
What does Romeo buy from the Apothecary? poison
Who was supposed to deliver the letter to Romeo? Friar John
What is an actor usually doing when the script says [aside]? The actor says this line to the audience only.
What kind of animal do Romeo and Balthasar ride to return to Verona? donkey
What happens to someone who sells deadly drugs in Mantua? put to death
Who is at Juliet’s tomb when Romeo arrives there? Paris
What does Romeo give to his servant to give to his father? a suicide letter
What does Romeo tell his servant he is going to do in the tomb? Get a ring from Juliet’s finger and look at Juliet’s face one last time.
Who dies in the Capulet’s tomb in Act 5? Romeo, Juliet, and Paris
What is Paris’s last request (as communicated to Romeo)? That he be buried next to Juliet
How does Juliet die in the play? She stabs herself with Romeo’s knife
True or false.Paris thinks that Romeo is going to do something to the bodies in the Capulet’s tomb. true
True or false.The Prince decides to blame Friar Lawrence and punish him for everything that happened to the young lovers true
Romeo and Juliet are called “star-crossed lovers” because _______ it is their fate not to be together
What does Lord Montague tell Lord Capulet he will do in honor of Juliet? put up a golden statue
In the end of the play, what happens between the Capulets and the Montagues? They reunite and say they will become friends
What type of play is Romeo and Juliet? tragedy
What are the last lines of Romeo and Juliet? “For never was a story of more woe. Than this of Juliet and her Romeo”