Romeo and Juliet- List of Allusions: Act 1

Aurora (Aurora’s bed) the goddess of dawn in Roman Mythology
Cupid the god of erotic love in Roman Mythology
Dian (Dian’s wit) Diana, goddess of the hunt in Roman Mythology
Ethiop a person from Ethiopia, a country in Africa
Holy Palmer’s Kiss a “palmer” is a Christian pilgrim who brought back a palm leaf as a symbol of his journey to the holy land
Lammas-eve July 31, the evening before Lammas Day ( August 1) which is the festival of wheat harvest
Lammas-tide Lammas Day, August 1, which is the festival of wheat harvest
Pentecost a feast day of the Christian calendar; seven weeks after Easter Sunday
Poor John a small, shriveled-up fish
Queen Mab a fairy queen
Spanish blades Spanish swords
Tartar’s Painted Bow of Lath a colorful cross bow