Romeo and Juliet List of Allusions

Aurora The Goddess of dawn in Roman mythology
Cupid The God of erotic love in Roman mythology
Dian Diana, goddess of the hunt in Roman mythology
Ethiop A person from Ethiopia, a country in Africa
holy palmer’s kiss A “palmer” is a Christian pilgrim who brought back a palm leaf as a symbol of his journey to his holy land
Lammas-eve July 31, the evening before Lammas Day, (August 1) which is the festival of wheat harvest
Lammas- tide Lammas Day, August 1, which is the festive of wheat harvest
Pentecost A feast day of the Christian calendar; seven weeks after Easter Sunday
poor John A small, shriveled up fish
Queen Mab A fairy queen
Spanish blades Spanish swords
Tartar’s painted bow of lath A colorful cross-bow
Venus The Roman goddess of love
purblind son and heir, young Adam Cupid A reference to Cupid, who is the son of Venus
King Cophetua According to legend, King Cophetua was the king of a colony in Africa. He falls in love at first sight with a beggar maid
Jove (Jupiter) King of the gods in Roman mythology
Echo In Roman mythology, a nymph who love the sound of her own voice
Titan Also called Helios, Titan is the sun personified; he was often depicted driving a chariot of fire
Saint Francis May refer to a number of Roman Catholic Saints
Jesu Maria An expression similar to “Oh, my goodness”
Blind bow-boy’s butt shaft The blunt end of Cupid’s arrow
Prince of cats Tybalt is called the “prince if cats”; the name Tybalt comes from a trickster tale about a fox
Prick-song Music that has been written down
Passado A forward thrust in fencing or swordfighting
Punto reverso A backhanded thrust in fencing or swordfighting
Hai A thrust that goes straight through
Jesu Jesus
Petrarch Francesco Petrarca, an Italian poet and scholar
Laura The subject of love poetry by Petrarch
Dido The founder and first queen of Carthage
Cleopatra The last queen of Egypt
Helen In Greek mythology, the daughter of Zeus; her abduction brought about the Trojan War
Hero A priestess of Aphrodite; lover of Leander
Thisbe In roman mythology, Pryamus and Thisbe were famous lovers who were forbidden to be we’d because of their parents rivalry
Jacks Rowdy young men
Easter A Christian celebration of the resurrection of Jesus
Alla staccato In a staccato singing manner
Phebus In Latin, a name given to either the god Appollo or the sun
Phaethon Th son of Helios who tried to drive his father’s chariot
Cynthia’s brow The moon
Saint Peter A leader of the early Christian church; one of the twelve apostles
Angelica A term of endearment, “angle”
Infectious pestilence Black Death, or Black Plague, a plague beginning in the 14th century that killed nearly half of Europe’s population and continued until the 18th century

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