Romeo and Juliet Crosswords Puzzle

What caused the theaters to close for a brief time? Plague
The reason Juliet and Romeo secretly married. Family Feud
Tybalt sees Romeo at the party and send for this sword
Romeo compares Juliet to the Sun
Romeo’s Punishment for killing Tybalt Banishment
Kills Paris Romeo
The place Romeo meets Juliet Masquerade Ball
The queen is buried at? Westminster Abby
Romeo buys poison from this man. Apothecary
Shakespeare’s acting company Lord Chamberlain’s Men
The birthplace of William Shakespeare Stratford-Upon Avon
The setting of Romeo and Juliet Verona
Mercutio curses them as he dies Montague and Capulet Families
How will Romeo enter Juliet’s house? Ropeladder
Juliet’s age Thirteen
Romeo and Juliet is what type of play? Tragedy
Prince’s punishment if Montagues and Capulets fight. Death
Romeo goes to this city after his exile. Mantua
A rebirth in classical learning. Renaissance
How Friar Laurence tried to inform Romeo of the plan. Letter
The queen who reigned England from 1558-1603. Elizabeth
Marries Romeo and Juliet in secret Friar Laurence
Shakespeare’s first published works First Folio
The author of Romeo and Juliet. William Shakespeare
Paris and Mercutio are related to Prince Escalus
Before Juliet, Romeo love this girl. Rosaline
Discovers Juliet after she takes tine sleeping potion. Nurse
The theatre built by Shakespeare. The Globe