Romeo and Juliet Content

What happens in the very beginning of the play? capulet and montague servants get into a fight, benvolio tries to break it up, but tyablt starts to fight him, and the prince has to break it up
What does Romeo tell Benvolio in the beginning of the play? he is in love with rosaline, but she doesn’t love him back
What is Romeo, Benvolio, and Mercutio’s plan before Capulet’s party? to crash the party so romeo can see other girls and compare them to rosaline
Who does Romeo see at the party? What changes about Romeo after this instance? romeo sees juliet, and he immediately falls in love and forgets about rosaline
Who suspects that Romeo is crashing Lord Capulet’s party? tybalt
What does Romeo do after Lord Capulet’s party? he ditches his friends and climbs over a wall to see juliet at her window, where they admit that they are in love with each other
What does Romeo ask Friar Lawrence to do at the beginning of the play? to marry romeo and juliet secretly
Why is Friar Lawrence skeptical about marrying Romeo and Juliet? Why does he ultimately agree? friar is concerned about how quickly he switched from rosaline to juliet, but agrees to marry them anyway in hopes of solving the problem between the families
What news do Benvolio and Mercutio tell Romeo? that tybalt wants to challenge romeo to a fight
What does Romeo tell the Nurse in their private conversation? to tell juliet to come to meet him at friar lawrence’s that afternoon so they can get married
What happens between Romeo, Mercutio, and Tybalt? tybalt tries to fight romeo, but romeo does not want to because tybalt is juliet’s cousin. mercutio steps in, and starts to fight tybalt. romeo tries to break it up, but tybalt stabs mercutio under the arms of romeo and flees. when he returns, romeo is enraged, and kills tybalt and then flees
Who tells the Prince what happened between Romeo, Mercutio, and Tybalt? What is Romeo’s punishment? benvolio, the prince banishes romeo from verona
Who brings Juliet the news about Romeo and Tybalt? What is her reaction? the nurse, juliet is initially angry with romeo, but then decides that she is on romeo’s side, and sends the nurse to tell romeo to spend the night with her
What is Friar’s plan for Romeo when he is banished? the friar tells him to go to mantua and wait for further word from the friar
What is Lord Capulet’s plan for Juliet after Tybalt’s death? she will be married to paris after just three days
What is the Friar’s plan for Juliet when she tells him she is being forced to marry Paris? she will drink a potion that will make her appear dead for 42 hours. she will be buried in the tomb, and friar lawrence will tell romeo to return when she awakes and take her off to mantua
What news does Romeo get from Baltashar in Mantua? What was supposed to happen? baltashar told romeo that juliet was dead. however, a letter was supposed to get to him from the friar telling him that juliet isn’t really dead
What does Romeo decide to do after he hears about Juliet’s supposed death? he decides to kill himself so he can go to heaven with juliet, so he bribes a poor apothecary to sell him poison
What does Paris do after Juliet is buried? he goes to visit her and lay flowers by her grave
What happens when Romeo encounters Paris at Juliet’s grave? paris tries to arrest romeo, but romeo says he is not doing any harm, and committing suicide. the two fight, and paris is killed
What is Paris’ last request before he dies? Is it honored? he requests that romeo buries him next to juliet. romeo agrees, and drags him into the tomb with him
What after Romeo, Juliet, and Paris are dead? the watchmen, families, and prince arrive at the graveyard and arrest anyone in the area. the friar tells the whole story, and the families agree to put up golden statues of romeo and juliet and end the fighting