Romeo And Juliet: Act V Reading and Study Guide – III. Questions

Scene 1: 1. What news does Balthasar bring Romeo? The news of Juliet’s death.
Scene 1: 2. What does Romeo mean when he says, “Then I defy you, stars!”? He is going to go against the stars by going back to the place he was banished from, Verona, with the risk of being captured or killed.
Scene 1: 3. What actions does Balthasar’s news prompt Romeo to do? Return to Verona.
Scene 2: 4. What does Friar John tell Friar Laurence? That he was unable to deliver the message to Romeo because of a suspected outbreak of The Plague.
Scene 2: 5. After hearing this news from Friar John, what does Friar Laurence intend to do? Go and wait for Juliet to wake up at her tomb where he will then take her to his cell and wait for Juliet.
Scene 3: 6. Why is Paris at Juliet’s tomb? To mourn the loss of Juliet.
Scene 3: 7. Romeo gives Balthasar two reasons for entering the Capulet’s tomb. What are those two reasons? To look at Juliet and to remove her “dead finger from a precious ring.”
Scene 3: 8. Why does Paris think that Romeo has come to the tomb? To defile the bodies of Juliet and Tybalt.
Scene 3: 9. What is it about Juliet that should have told Romeo that she was not dead? She still had “crimson in thine lips and in thine cheeks” instead of being completely gray or dull.
Scene 3: 10. Why doesn’t Friar Laurence stay in the tomb with Juliet after she awakens? He is there to comfort her after the realization of Romeo’s death.
Scene 3: 11. Why does Juliet kiss Romeo after he is dead? She wants to get what’s left of the poison off his lips.
Scene 3: 12. When Montague first arives on the scene, what does he tell those gathered? “My wife is dead tonight, grief of my son’s exile hath stopped her breath tonight.”
Scene 3: 13. Relate the events that lead to Romeo and Juliet’s death as they are told by Friar Laurence near the play’s end. Romeo and Juliet were married on the same day of Tybalt and Mercutio’s death as well as Romeo’s banishment and eventually the poisoning. He came up with the plan to rid Juliet of being wed to Paris.
Scene 3: 14. What information does Romeo’s letter give? It confirms the Friar’s story and tells of where he got the poison and how he wished to be with Juliet.
Scene 3: 15. How do Montague and Capulet plan to honor the memories of their children? They will make statues of each other’s child to lay next to each other.