Romeo and Juliet Act Two

what more do we learn about the story from the prologue in act two? that romeo no longer loves rosaline and he only loves juliet but thats a problem because they’re enemies
what does romeo mean by “he jests at scars that never felt a wound?” mercutio mocks him because he’s never fallen in love
when romeo first sees juliet to what does he compare her to the sun
according to romeo who is jealous of juliets beauty the moon
what does Juliet want Romeo to do before she realizes he is there abandon his name so they can be together peacefully
explain Juliette speech about the importance of names that makes shouldn’t matter and love is love and nothing should stand in the way of that
how does Romeo claim he was able to get over the orchard walls? cupids wings helped get over the wall
who mentions the idea of marriage first? Juliet
explain the line “parting is such sweet sorrow” while leaving each other is very hard the sooner they leave the soon they’ll be able to get half together
what is friar Lawrence doing at the beginning of scene three tending to his flowers
who does friar Lawrence think Romeo has been with all night Rosaline
what does Romeo ask friar Lawrence to do marry Romeo and Juliet
why does friar Lawrence question Romeos request because he was just in love with rosaline
what is friar Lawrence reason for agreeing to marry Romeo and juliet he thinks it’ll stop the fued
what news does benvolio tell mercutio at the beginning of scene four that Tuvalu had challenged Romeo to a duel
why does mercutio say Romeo is already dead because he can’t be with the woman he loves so he’s dead inside
the montage boys think Romeo was still with Rosaline last night, why doesn’t Romeo tell them otherwise he didn’t want them to know he was with Juliet
who teases the nurse, why mercutio
what does Romeo want the nurse to have Juliet do, what will then happen to go see friar Lawrence so he and Juliet can be married
how long has Juliet been waiting for the nurse to come with word from romeo 3 hours
the nurse knows Juliet has been waiting for news, yet she continues to put if off. why does she do this, what does this tell us about their relationship it tells us that the nurse and Juliet are very close and she cares about her feelings
what task does the nurse mention she must do at the en did scene five put out a rope ladder
of what are reminded by friar Lawrence’s like “these violent delights have violent ends.” right now they’re happy but we know it’s going to end badly
what does juliet want to romeo to do before she realizes he is there? to abandon his name so they can be together and no longer enemies
explain juliets speech about the importance of names that names don’t matter at all and love is love
how does romeo claim he was able to get over the orchard walls? cupids wings got him over the wall