Romeo and Juliet Act 5

What does Balthazar tell Romeo about Juliet Shes dead
What is it that Romeo plans to buy from the apothecary poison
What does Romeo give the apothecary gold
What is the penalty for selling such a thing in Mantua death
Why does Romeo say the apothecary should break the law? Law isnt his friend because he is poor
The poison is strong enough to kill how many men 20
What is it that is worse to men’s souls than poison, according to Romeo money
Where does Friar Lawerence plan to hide Juliet after she wakes up to church so she would become a nun
Romeo tells Balthazar he is going to the Capulet tomb to get what Ring
What is the last request of Paris to be buried next to Juliet
Who does Romeo apologize to before he dies Tybalth
What are Romeos last words Thus w/ a kiss I die
What does Juliet find in Romeo’s hand empty bottle of poison
How does Juliet kill herself with Romeo’s dagger, she stabs herself
The watchman is surprised to find that Juliet’s body is bleeding and what Warm, newly dead
Who mother is dead Romeos
What will Montague build in memory of Juliet Gold statue
What two relatives of the Prince are dead Mercutio and Paris
What is the last line in the play? Who says it? Prince. Than this is of Juliet and her Romeo
What did Romeo give Balthazar to give his father Letter
Who explains whats been going on in the story to the Prince Friar Lawerence.
What did Romeo dream Juliet found Romeo dead
What does Romeo expect from Verona How Juliet is and a plan
What news does he recieve She is dead
For what kind of poison does Romeo ask the apothecary Strong and fast
What has kept Friar John from delivering Friar Lawrence’s letter to Romeo quarantine for fear of the plague
Why has Count Paris come to the tomb of Juliet putting flowers on her grave
When Romeo says, Here’s to my love, what does he drink poison
Where does Friar Lawerence want to take Juliet? To church to be a nun
What main reason does Romeo give Balthasar for going to Juliet’s tomb Get a ring
In what way does Balthasar disobey his master? Romeo told him to leave and he didnt
What are Romeos last words Thus w/ a kiss I die