Romeo and Juliet act 3

This act begins on Monday, the day after Romeo and Juliet met at the party. It ends on _______. The first scene of this act serves at the _______ of the plot. tuesday; climax
A street fight occurs and Tybalt accidentially kills _______. Romeo then kills ________ for revenge. Mercutio; Tybalt
As punishment, the prince declares that Romeo should be ________. banished
When Juliet hears the news of the fight, she first thinks _____ is dead. When she learns the truth, she is filled with internal conflict because Tybalt is her _____ and Romeo is her ________. She thinks the worst part of this news is that _____________. Romeo; cousin; husband; Romeo is banished
Romeo goes to Friar Lawrence and says he would rather be ____ than banished. Friar tells Romeo he should be thankful for his blessings. He names these three things as blessings: dead; three things: Juliet is alive, Tybalt is dead, and he is not dead
Friar then orders Romeo to go to Juliet so they can ____________. The next morning, he should flee to Verona and go to live in _______ until things can be resolved. spend the night together; Mantua
Meanwhile, Lord Capulet and Paris make plans for __________. This makes Juliet _____. Lady Capulet thinks this is because Juliet wants Tybalt’s death avenged, so Lady Capulet promises to have Romeo _______. the wedding; angry; killed
When Juliet tells her father she will not follow his wishes, he tells her __________. The nurse’s advice is to ________ Romeo and ______ Paris. he will disown her; forget; marry
At the end of the act, Juliet decides to go to _____________ for advice and there are __ dead bodies. Friar Lawrence; 2