Romeo and Juliet- Act 1 QUIZ questions

what are the young men fighting about? scene 1 their families despise each other over whose master is better
who tries to break up the fight?scene 1 Benvolio
what is Tybalt’s attitude toward the dispute?scene 1 he wants to fight the Montagues
what is the reaction of the Prince?scene 1 really mad that this is the 3rd time they have fought and they will be killed if he sees them fight again
Benvolio fist describes Romeo’s state to Lady Montague. What does he tell her?scene 1 Romeo is sad
do Romeo’s parents know what is troubling him?scene 1 no they can not figure it out
how does Benvolio add to Romeo’s troubled state of mind?scene 1 he tells Romeo about the fight and makes him feel bad for Benvolio
what condition does Capulet place on Paris’s marriage to Juliet?scene 2 Capulet places the condition to let 2 years past on Paris’s suit for Juliet
what does Benvolio suggest to Romeo when he hears of the Capulet’s party? scene 2 for Romeo to go to party
how does Romeo respond to Benvolio’s suggestion?scene 2 He becomes excited because he can see Rosalie
who tells us how old Juliet is?scene 3 nurse
what is it that Lady Capulet is trying to discuss with Juliet’s nurse?scene 3 marriage
what important extended image does Lady Capulet use in describing Paris?scene 3 describing paris as a beautiful written book, so he looks good on inside and on outside
who is the merrymaking wordster among the young men going to the party?scene 4 Mercurio
what are Romeo’s misgivings at the end of the scene 4?scene 4 he thinks something bad will happen
who do the young people at the party wear masks?scene 5 its a mask ball
what advice does Capulet give to Tybalt?scene 5 he tells Tybalt to leave the man(Romeo) alone and not to worry about it
does Tybalt seem satisfied with Capulet’s advice? scene 5 no and he is determined to reveal Romeo
why does Romeo call his lips “2 blushing pilgrims” in conversation with Juliet? scene 5 his lips have not been kissed Juliet before and he is nervous and excited about it
who tells Romeo that Juliet is a Capulet?scene 5 nurse
who does Juliet say, “my only love sprung from my only hate!”? scene 5 Romeo is a Montague which is her family enemy