Romeo and Juliet act 1 and prologue

Romeo vs. Tybalt is man vs. _____ conflict Man
Romeo and his friends were not recognized at the ball because they wore _______? Masks
“A _______a________!! Why call for a sword? Crutch
The play write? Shakespeare
Romeo’s cousin who tries to make peace? His name means good will in Latin. Benvolio
The only way this brawl will end is by the _____ of the two star-crossed lovers Death
He broke up the fight, the ______ of Verona? Prince
The into to each act. Prologue
A poem with 14 lines? Each prologue is one of these? Sonnet
Romeo and Juliet is this kind of play; the opposite of a comedy? Tragedy
Romeos best friend? Mercutio
Like a paragraph in poetry, often four lines of poetry? Stanza
Ill fated Star crossed
A speech where a speaker gives his own thoughts to the audience Soliloquy
When Romeo has a bad feeling about going to the party it’s an example of ________ Foreshadowing
She took care of Juliet when she was young; Juliette confident; the _____? Nurse
A capulet slave who promotes a fight/brawl? Sampson
The male protagonist of the play? Romeo
Two lines of rhymed poetry? Capulet
Shakespeare writes in this kind of stressed-unstressed meter? Lambic Pentameter
“Do you bite your ___at us sir?” Thumb
Who Romeo was in love with before he met Juliet? Rosaline
The prince says the two families now had this many civil brawls Three
The antagonist of the story; Juliette cousin? Tybalt
The girl who Romeo loves cannot love him because she has taken a vow of chastity or ________? Clelibacy
He is related to both lady capulet and the prince? Tybalt
Juliet’s family namd Capulet
Romeo’s family name Montague
The setting of the play? Verona
Who Juliet is supposed to marry? Paris
A ____ of the house of montague Moves me