Romeo and Juliet act 1

Who is fighting at the beginning of the first scene? Sampson, Gregory, Abram, and Balthazar
Who tried to break up the fight? Benvolio
What happens when Tybalt appears? He starts to fight also
What treat does the prince make to the Montague’s and the Capulet’s? why does he make this threat? They will be killed if they cause anymore disturbances or fights. Because they have caused to many fights.
According to Benvolio and Lord Montague, hoe has Romeo been acting? Romeo has been avoiding people and he has been acting sad and depressed
Why is Romeo unhappy and depressed? Because the girl he loves does not love him back.
What is Benvolio’s advice to Romeo? He says to go to the party and look at other girls and he will stop thinking about her.
What request does Paris present to Capulet? He wants to marry his daughter.
Why does Capulet tell him to wait? Because he thinks Juliet is to young to get married
In which city does this play take place? Verona, Italy
Why are Romeo and Juliet caalled “star cross’d lovers”? Because there families are fighting so they cant live happily together unless they both die.
What does Capulet tell Paris he has to do to marry Juliet? He has to get Juliet to agree to marry him.
What do Benvolio and Romeo learn when Romeo reads the invitation list for the servant? That Rosiline is on the list
Based on this information, what does Benvolio suggest that they do? He suggest that they go to the party and see lot of girls along with Rosiline and Romeo will se she isnt that special.
What does Lady Capulet tell Juliet she must do? Keep her heart open to Paris.
What is Romeos Attitude at the beginning of scene 4? He is sad and depressed
Why does Mercutio launch into a speech about Quenn Mab and dreams? Because Benvolio asked who Queen Mab is