Romeo and Juliet

What is a tragedy The downfall in the protagonist.
What is the action of a tragedy? the downfall of a character.
What is a tragic hero? a great or virtuous character in a dramatic tragedy who is destined for downfall.
How does the tragic hero bring about his own downfall? the tragic hero does not consider their tragic flaw.
What is a tragic flaw? the character’s flaw, like ambition.
How does a tragic flaw assist in bringing about the hero’s downfall? The tragic hero does not consider the consequences of his/her tragic flaw.
What is Romeo’s tragic flaw? He rushes into things and doesn’t think about it first.
How does Romeo’s tragic flaw bring about his downfall? He rushes into the relationship with Juliet and gets married without telling anyone but Friar Lawrence, ignoring people’s advice. Then something goes wrong and he automatically kills himself.
What is a dramatic foil? a character who highlights (or reveals) and aspect(s) of another character.
How do Mercutio and Friar foil Romeo. Friar- slow to act and thinks about what he does before he does it.Mercutio- does not believe in love.
What is the conflict upon the opening of the play? The montagues and the capulets fight in the street.