Romeo And Juliet

Juliet’s servant and mentor Nurse
Play division Acts
Parting is such sweet _____ sorrow
A ______ o’both your houses! plague
We are ___, lady, we are ___ undone
Romeo climbs over the wall surrounding Capulet’s _____ Orchard
She refused Romeo’s love and caused his depression Rosaline
A ___, a ____! Why call you for your sword! crutch
Romeo’s father Lord Montague
Paris is a nobleman from this place Verona
Author; playwright William Shakespeare
___ is my son-in-law, _____ is my heir Death
Sends Romeo into exile Prince
Me thinks I see thee…as one dead in the bottom of a ____ tomb
He is slain by Tybalt Mercutio
He explains the circumstances of Tybalt’s death Benvolio
Servant of the Capulets Sampson and Gregory
He gives a feast to introduce Juliet to bachelors Lord Capulet
That which we call a ___ By any other name would smell as sweet rose
What light through yonder ____ breaks window
Predestined future fate
Act division scenes
Romeo drinks it and dies poison
Capulet’s favoured suitor for Juliet Paris
Romeo kills him to avenge his friend’s death Tybalt