Romeo and Juliet

Where does this story take place? Verona, Italy
How does Shakespeare describe Romeo and Juliet? Star crossed lovers
What does that mean in terms of their final destiny? Who or what is in control? They are destined to not be together. The stars are in control
What two families are in feud? The Montagues and Capulets
What is Tybalt’s opinion on peace? He hates it and the word itself, he believes there is no peace between the two families
How does this contrast with Benvolio’s position? He is a peace keeper
What does the Prince say caused the three brawls? They are fighting over nothing
What did the prince say would happen if the two families fight in public again? They will be killed if they fight again
What does Romeo mean when he says, “Here’s much to do with hate, but more to do with love?” He’s referring to everyone’s love for fighting
How does Romeo describe love? What does he mean by this? He describes it as cold fire and sick health.He means that love is a good thing yet a bad thing
How old it Juliet? Thirteen years old
What is Paris asking Old Capulet? What is Capulet’s answer? Paris asks for permission to marry Juliet. Old Capulet responds saying she is too young but gives Paris permission to win her heart
Who is Romeo in love with now? What have Benvolio and Romeo decided to do to see her? What are the motives of each? Romeo is in love with a girl named Rosaline. To see her the two sneak into Lord Capulet’s party that Rosaline will be at. Benvolio is going to find someone else for Romeo. Romeo is going to see Rosaline.
What problems do you think might arise from crashing the Capulet’s party? They might get caught
How does Juliet demonstrate that she is a dutiful daughter? She says she is willing to marry a man she does not know if she likes him.
Who is Queen Mab? What does Mercutio think she has done to Romeo? A little fairy that comes to people in their sleep and makes them dream of what they want to happen. Mercutio believes she made Romeo dream of the party.
In his speech starting on line 106, Romeo foreshadows that something terrible will happen at the party. Why does he continue to go? Romeo want s to find love
What happens to Romeo in line 53? He spots Juliet and instantly falls in love
What does Tybalt want to do when he discovers Romeo is at the party? What does his Uncle Capulet have him do instead? Why? Tybalt wants to fight Romeo. Lord Capulet tells him to leave Romeo alone because it would cause disrupt in the party. Also, he has heard good things about Romeo
What does Lord Capulet’s reaction say about the feud? They don’t really know why they are fighting
What is Romeo’s reaction when he finds out that he just has kissed Juliet, a Capulet? He is in shock and realizes his “life is my foes debts” but he doesn’t really care
What is Juliet’s reaction when she finds out Romeo is a Montague? She is sad but doesn’t care
According to the Chorus, what has happened to Romeo’s old love? He’s forgotten about her
What is Romeo and Juliet’s major obstacle now? They’re in love but their families despise one another
Why do Romeo and Juliet spend time discussing their names? Why are they important? They believe their names are not important and do not defy them
Who proposed first? Juliet says it first so she canknow their feeling are true
Juliet makes a reference to owning a bird- one a falcon and the other a pet. How do these metaphors characterize the kind of relationship Juliet wants with Romeo? What does this say about Juliet’s character?How does Romeo respond? She is saying she wants a relationship where they can leave but they will always come back. This hows how much she’s in love with him. He wants the same as she does
How is this Juliet different from the one we first met while she was talking to her mother? At first she doesn’t want to get married to anyone and now that she has met Romeo and fallen in love, she does
What is Friar Lawrence’s first reaction to the news that Romeo wants to marry Juliet? He doesn’t think it’s true love
Why does the Friar agree to help the young couple? He believes the two getting married will end the family feud
What has Tybalt done in the opening of this scene? He snet a letter to the Montague house that challenging Romeo to a duel for sneaking into the Capulet party
How does Mercutio describe Tybalt? What does he mean by “Prince of Cats?” He says Tybalt is a master dueler. “Prince of Cats” means he is sneaky and sly
What was the main purpose of Romeo and the Nurse’s conversation? To discuss the wedding and set up a time
How would you characterize the nurse? She is used for comic relief
What foreshadowing is given at the beginning of this scene? (Scene 6) Friar Lawrence is foreshadowing that he hopes the marriage lasts a while and they don’t regret getting married
What even takes place at the end of this scene? Romeo and Juliet’s marriage