Romeo and Juliet

Act 1
Sampson and Gregory attempt to start a fight with Abraham and Balthasar. They do this by making what rude gesture? Biting their thumbs.
Who attempts to stop the fight? Benvolio
What kind of person does Tybalt appear to be? He’s very hot-headed, quick tempered.
What does the prince tell the families if he catches them fighting one more time? The Prince tells the feuding families that if they fight again the penalty will be their execution.
Why are Romeo’s parents worried about him? Because he stays up in his room all day with his curtains and a dark room. While during the night he takes walks under the Sycamore trees.
What relation is Benvolio to Romeo? Benvolio is Romero’s cousin.
Personification is the giving of human characteristics to animals or inanimate objects. Explain the personification in Benvolio’s line, “An hour before the worshiped sun peered forth the golden window of the East.” He is giving the sun human characteristics by saying it peered into the East.
What does Romeo tell Benvolio the cause is of his depression? He is in love with a woman who has claimed her to love no man.
A paradox is a statement that appears to contradict itself but is, nevertheless, true. When Romeo tells Benvolio about Rosaline he uses paradoxes to describe his feelings. Give three examples of the paradoxes he uses. 1. Loving hate2. Heavy lightness 3. Serious vanity
Why do you think Romeo sues paradoxes to describe his feelings? Because he is very upset, confused, and conflicted. How confused he was about love.
What is Benvolio’s advice to Romeo? For him to forget about her, and go search for other women.
How old is Juliet? 13
What plans has her father made for her future? For her to marry Paris, a handsome, wealthy young man.
Lord Capulet tells Paris she must wait a few years or do what? Make Juliet fall in love with him.
Describe Juliet’s relationship with her mother: Well she is her mother so they love each other, but they are not very close.
Describe Juliet’s relationship with her nurse: The nurse raised her and took care of her. So Juliet and the nurse are extremely close.
What is Juliet’s obedient response to the prospect of marriage? That she would check him out and see if she would like him. Like watching his body language and just meet him, and give him a chance.
What is the mood of Romeo’s friends as they go to the party? They are excited and want to go.
What is Romeo’s mood as they go to the party? He doesn’t want to go, and he isn’t excited at all.
Who is Queen Mab? She is a fairy who comes and is responsible for your dreams.
Give at least five details to describe her: a. That she is no bigger than an agate stoneb. She is not taller than a forefinger of a manC. Her carriage is made of a walnutd. She goes over men’s noses when they are asleep
What does this tell you about Mercutio? That he has a very big imagination.
Does Romeo believe that fate or human choice determines the future? yes
How can you tell? Because he talks about it
Describe Lord Capulet as a host. He is a very good host who just wants to have a good party, and not run into any trouble.
Tybalt–objects to Romeo’s presence. What does Lord Capulet tell him? To leave Romeo alone, he doesn’t want his party to be ruined. Romeo isn’t doing anything wrong.
What does Romeo first notice about Juliet? He says that she is the most beautiful women he has ever laid eyes upon.
Give three examples of the way he describes her: a. He says that she is a saintb. That she is a jewel in an Ethiopian’s earc. That she is a dove upon crows
What excuse do they use for kissing each other? To remove sin
Why is Tybalt upset? Because he hates the Montague’s and now one is in his house.
What is his most obvious character trait? He is very hot headed
What do Romeo and Juliet realize about each other at the end of this act? That they are the children of their parent’s enemies.
Act 2
How does Romeo escape his friends? He makes it look like he is still in bed.
Why doesn’t he want to leave with them? Because they will cause a scene and cause him to get caught.
How does Mercutio tease Romeo? By saying that he is still madly in love.
What don’t Mercutio and Benvolio know at this point? That Romeo got over Rosaline and is now in love with Juliet.
About what time do you think it is? It is in the afternoon
How does Mercutio tease Romeo? Saying that Romeo is still in love with Rosaline.
To what does Romeo compare Juliet when he sees her in the window? He compares saying by what light through yonder window breaks.
A metaphor is a comparison of two unlike things which does not use the word like or as. Find three metaphors Romeo uses to describe Juliet’s beauty a. It is the east, and Juliet is the sun.b. Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon.c. Two of the fairest stars in all of heaven.
Based on the above information, what is the purpose of Juliet’s “what’s in name” soliloquy? Because she’s so in love with Romeo that she needs to let it all out. She talks to herself about how much she loves him.
An aside is a remark spoken by one character to another character or to the audience that other characters on stage are not supposed to hear, although in reality they would. After overhearing much of Juliet’s soliloquy, Romeo responds by asking the audience, “shall I hear more, or shall I speak at this?” This aside is meant for the audience and Juliet pretends she does not hear although in reality she would.
Why does Romeo hate to identify himself? Because he doesn’t want Juliet to think that he is a creeper.
Why is Juliet embarrassed that Romeos heard her talking out loud? Because he overheard her gush about him.
List the five main fears Juliet expresses in this scene: a. She doesn’t want Romeo to get caughtb. That he’s just leading her on c. Romeo is going to think that she’s easy/loosed. That Romeo thinks that she’s foolish and not take her seriouslye. Romeo might love her now, but won’t stay in love with her.
What is the plan for the following day? Romeo is going to his priest, and set up a marriage. He is then going to meet Juliet and let her know if he was successful.
The day is….. Approximate time is….. 2 and 8:00
What is Friar Lawrence doing in this scene? He agrees to marry Romeo and Juliet.
What does Friar observe about the opposing power of herbs? Because he believes that you use it in the way that you want to.
What comparison does he make to human beings? That people have good sides and evil sides.
What is Friar’s initial reaction when he learns Romeo wants to marry Juliet? He is extremely surprised since their families are enemies. He is concerned with how quickly he got over Rosaline, and he accuses Romeo of not being in love with her, just lusting after her.
What does Friar remind Romeo about Rosaline? Because he has gotten over Rosaline who he loved deeply, extremely fast.
Why does the Friar agree to marry them? So that it may hopefully stop the fights between their feuding families.
The day is….. Approximate time is… 2 and Morning after the ball
Who sent a letter to Romeo’s house? Tybalt
What was it about? It was challenging Romeo to a duel.
How do Benvolio and Mercutio treat Juliet’s nurse? They taunt her, and tease her about her body and how she looks.
About what does the nurse warn Romeo? She warns Romeo to not lead Juliet on, that doing that would be an ungentlemanly thing to do to her since she is too young to understand.
What news does the nurse tell Romeo? The news that the nurse tells Romeo that there is another man out there that Juliet is supposed to marry. And the nurse tells him that she thinks Paris is the better man.
What is Juliet’s state of mind as she waits for the nurse? Juliet’s state on mind is anxiety and annoyed.
Why would this scene be comic relief? It would be relief because she is going to meet Romeo and wants to meet her. She also now knows that Friar Laurence agrees to marry them.
What “plan” does the nurse give Juliet? To go to Friar Laurence’s cell, she will then find Romeo and they will get married.
Approximately how many hours have passed since the party? 14 hours
What fear does Friar Lawrence share with Romeo before the wedding? He is afraid that sorrow will chide them.
Explain Friar’s line about honey Friar was saying that if you eat too much honey then you will eventually get sick of it.
Explain Friar’s line about fire and powder That if you love too passionately that your love will burn out.
What thoughts doe Romeo and Juliet share with each other before marriage? That they love each other so much and that they will always be together no matter what they have to face.
What is the weather like? Scene III1. What is Romeo’s reaction to the news that he is banished? He threatens to commit suicide2. What is Friar Laurence’s advice? For Romeo to stop being upset. He was lucky that he was banished, and not put to death. 3. What is his plan? Romeo is going to go visit Juliet that night. Then Romeo is going to go to a town called Mantua. Then the Friar is going to beg the Prince not have Romeo banished anymore, and to announce Romeo and Juliet’s marriage.Scene IV1. Explain the dramatic irony in Lord Capulet’s conversation with Paris. What important information does the audience know that the two men do not? That Romeo and Juliet are already married.2. What changes does Lord Capulet make for Juliet’s wedding? He says it’s on Wednesday, but changes it to Thursday. As well as making it a small wedding.3. What is his excuse for making these changes? He wants to introduce a joyous event into the family.4. Why does he set the wedding for Thursday? He sets the wedding for Thursday because he wanted to introduce a joyous event into the family.Scene V1. Why does Juliet dread the lark and hope the bird song she hears is the nightingale? She doesn’t want Romeo to leave, and since the nightingale is singing it’s still night. So he can still stay with her for a bit.2. What are Juliet’s words of foreshadowing as she hears the nightingale?”Oh God, I have an ill-divining soul! Methinks I see thee, now art thou art below, As one dead in the bottom of a tomb.3. What is it she fears? She fears that if Romeo stays, he will be put to death.4. Explain the paradox in Romeo’s words “More light and light- more dark and dark out woes,” spoken to Juliet as he leaves for Mantua. The light and the dark contradict each other.5. Why does Lady Capulet think Juliet is crying? Because of Tybalt’s death.6. What is Juliet’s reaction to the news that she is to marry Paris on Thursday? She said that she will never marry Paris.7. Describe the reaction of Lord Capulet to Juliet’s refusal to marry Paris: Lord Capulet was he gets angry, even enough to threaten to strike her. He says that he will drag him to the church himself. As well as shocked.8. Describe the reaction of Lady Capulet to Juliet’s refusal to marry Paris: Lady Capulet gets extremely angry with Juliet. She is on Juliet’s dad’s side, but does stop Lord Capulet from hitting Juliet. She is very shocked.9. What bad advice does the nurse give Juliet? The nurse advices Juliet to just marry Paris.10. How does Juliet’s attitude toward the nurse change? She becomes angry and upset with the nurse. She disconnects emotionally from the nurse. It’s really hot
What kind of events might such weather foreshadow? Something bad might happen because people are angry.
Who starts the fight in this scene? Tybalt
Why does Romeo refuse to fight Tybalt? Because he got married to Tybalt’s cousin, and he doesn’t want to fight Juliet’s cousin.
Why does Mercutio insist in fighting Tybalt? He hates Tybalt, and he doesn’t think that Romeo would be able to beat him.
What is Mercutio’s attitude as he is dying? He is angry, and places a curse on the two houses.
Explain Mercutio’s pun: “Ask for me tomorrow and you will find me a grave man.” He is saying he is a grave man, like brave and serious. As well as he is going to be in a grave tomorrow.
What effect does his death have on Romeo? Romeo wants to avenge Mercutio.
Theme is the meaning or moral of the story. An important theme in Romeo and Juliet is the role of fate, or chance, in human affairs. How does this theme tie in with Romeo’s lamentation, “O, I am fortune’s fool?” In what ways has fate worked against the lovers at this point?3. What does Juliet assume when the nurse cries, “he’s dead, he’s dead, he’s dead?”That Romeo is dead.4. What is Juliet’s reaction to Tybalt’s death?She is upset, and really mad at Romeo. She is also relieved that it wasn’t Romeo who died.5. What does she mean when she says of Romeo, “O serpent heart, hid with a flow ‘ring face?”That he was beautiful on the outside, but a horrible person on the inside.6. Why does Juliet quickly change her mind and defend Romeo?The nurse said that he was awful, and that made her realize that it was either Romeo’s life, or her cousins. Their families don’t like each other. They have to meet secretly. They couldn’t tell their parents. Also Romeo killed Juliet’s cousin, so now her parents hate Romeo even more.
Why does the Prince banish Romeo instead of putting him to death? Because he was doing the right thing according to the law.
What will happen to Romeo now that he is caught in Verona? He is going to be exiled.
What is Juliet looking forward to at the beginning of this scene? For Romeo coming to take her awat.
An Allusion is a reference to a person, place or event in or outside of literature with which the reader is expected to be familiar. Explain the allusion in Juliet’s lines when she says:Gallop apace you fiery-footed steeds,Toward Phoebus’ lodging! Such a wagonerAs Phaeton would whip you to the WestAnd bring in cloudy night immediately She is saying that something bad is coming.