Romeo and Juliet

tries to get romeo to look at other girls Benvolio
hates hell all montagues and benvolio Tybalt
want Juliet to marry Paris Lady Capulet
the host of the party in the beginning Capulet
holds Montague back from joining the fight Lady Montague
Lord Capulet’s enemy Montague
in love twice in act one Romeo
Capulet’s Niece Rosaline
wants to marry Juliet Count Paris
dreams not of the honor of marriage Juliet
“oh then i see queen mab hath been with you” Mercutio
“Go girl seek happy nights to happy days” Nurse
orders the families to end their feud The Prince
“What here shall miss our toil shall strive to mend” Chorus
servants to the Capulets Sampson and Gregory
servants to the Montagues Abraham and Balthasar
beget to produce
educe to draw or bring out
glean to collect but by bit
chafe to wear or irritate
effrontery shameless boldness
imbibe to drink
feign to pretend
desist to stop
allude to hint at
elite the choice members or part of a group
What more do we learn about the story from the Prologue in act 2? Romeo no longer loves Rosaline, loves Juliet, Family is fighting, they will find a way to be together
What does Romeo mean by “He jests at scars that never felt a wound”?- when talking to Mercutio Mercutio has never been in love so he doesn’t know what he is feeling
When Romeo first sees Juliet, to what does he compare her? the sun
According to Romeo who is jealous of Juliet’s beauty? Moon- Rosaline
What does Juliet want Romeo to do before she realizes he is there? give up him name
Explain Juliet’s speech about the importance of names. if a rose was called a star is would still look and smell like a rose. names don’t matter
How does Romeo claim he was able to get over the orchard walls? Cupid’s wings
Why wasn’t Romeo afraid of Juliets kingsmen? he said he was wearing a cloak that made him invisible
Why does Juliet tell Romeo not the swear by the moon? The moon always changes
Who mentions the idea of marriage first? Juliet
Explain the line Parting is such sweet sorrow the sooner they leave the sooner they get to see each other
What is Friar Lawrence doing at the beginning of the scene? working with plants
Who does Friar think Romeo has been with all night? Rosaline
What does Romeo ask Friar to do? marry him and Juliet
What is Friar’s reason for agreeing to marry Romeo and Juliet he hopes it will end the family feuds
What news does Benvolio tell Mercutio at the beginning of scene 4? tybalt wants to fight Romeo
WHy does Mercutio say Romeo is already dead? he was already stabbed with love
The Montague boys think Romeo was still with Rosaline last night. Wht didn’t Romeo tell them the truth> they will make fun of him
Who teases the Nurse and why? Mercutio, they are enemies
What does Romeo want the Nurse to have Juliet do? find a way to get out of the house so they will be married
How long did Juliet wait for the Nurse? 3 hours
Do the Nurse and Juliet have a close relationship? yes
What task does Nurse mention she Juliet must do? find a ladder for Romeo to climb up