Review for King Lear Act 1-3

In what year does the play take place? 1066
How old is lear? 80
How many daughters does Lear have and what are their names? 3 – Goneril, Regan, and Cordelia
Who is Regan Married to? The Duke of Cornwall
Who is Goneril married to? The Duke of Albany
Where is modern day Albany? Scotland
Who does the second story revolve around? The duke of Gloucester
How many sons does Gloucester have? 2 – Edgar and Edmund
Which son is good/legitimate? Edgar
What son is bad/illegitimate? Edmund
How old is Kent? around 40/50
What is the nickname for the first scene? the map scene
What does Gloucester plan to do to his son? send him away for 9 years
Who are the two men wooing Cordelia? The duke of Burgundy and The King of France
What is Lear doing with the map? Dividing the land amongst his daughters
Before Lear Divides the land, what are his 3 Requests? 1 – to keep and house 100 knights2 – to still have the title and respect of king3 – to stay with each of his daughters for a month
Which two daughters suck up to lear? Goneril and Regan
Which daughter is the honest one? Cordelia
What is kent known for and why does lear banish kent? He’s known for is honesty and that’s why he’s banished
Which guy chooses Cordelia? King of France
Why doesn’t the other guy choose Cordelia? Because he doesn’t get land when he marries her
What is it called when a father gives a gift or “prize” to the man who marries his daughter? A dowry
Which daughter is SMART and wicked? Goneril
Which daughter is IMPULSIVE/BLOODTHIRSTY and wicked? Regan
Who is Goneril’s servant? Oswald
Who wrote a fake letter from Edgar and what was the purpose of it? Edmund wrote it to make it look like Edgar was plotting to kill their dad(gloucester) and split the inheritance
Does Gloucester believe the letter? yes
What is an example of pathetic fallacy that takes place when Edmund shows Gloucester the letter? The eclipses take place
What is kents name when he’s disguised? Cais
What does nuncle mean and in what context is it used? It mean “uncle” of “my uncle” and the fool calls lear nuncle meaning that he is calling him the uncle of a fool, therefore a fool himself
What is Kent/Cais’s new job? Lear’s servent
Who disrespects Lear? Oswald
Who tells everyone to disrespect lear? Goneril
Who is put in stocks and how long? Kent/Cais – all day and all night
Why is he put in stocks? He beat up Oswald and because he was a servant of the king
who put him there Regan and Cornwall
Explain the “wheel of fortune” When whoever is at the top of the wheel (ex. king lear) begins to fall, the person at the bottom of the wheel (ex. Edmund) begins to rise
What are three things kent plans to do while in the stocks? 1 – read a letter2 – whistle 3 – sleep
Who does Edgar disguised himself as? the bedlam beggar “Poor Tom”
What does “bedlam” mean crazy or insane; referring to the insane asylum that was in England
What is one thing mentioned a lot throughout the play? Vision and sight
In the end, how many knights was Lear permitted to have? none
What is going on when Lear storms out after arguing with Regan and Goneril? What is this an example of? A storm – Pathetic Fallacy
Who knows about the secret french feet? Gloucester
What is a famous quote from when lear is in the storm? “I am a man more sinned against than sinning”
Who do they find in the hut/shelter? Poor Tom/Edgar