Othello Vocabulary

Prattle To talk long and idly; to utter or chatter
Beguile To deceive by cunning means
Eminent Standing out so as to be readily perceived; conspicuous
Assail To attack violently either physically or with words
Base Without higher morals; crude or bawdy
Egrigiously Glaringly; very noticeably
Procure To get possession of; obtain by particular care and effort
Dispraisingly To comment on in a criticizing or disapproving way
Beseech To beg for urgently or anxiously
Languish To be in a state of depression; to become dispirited
Slander A false or harmful statement
Mandate A command or official statement
Garner To gather or aquire by effort
Pernicious Highly destructive or injurious
Mar To detract from the perfection or wholeness of
Trifle Something of little value, substance, or importance