Othello vocab sentences

Beguiled (v) : diverted or taken away; also charmed or delighted Sentence
Satiety (n) : state of satisfaction of being full Sentence
Requisites (n) : requirements Sentence
Perdition (n) : total ruin; damnation; hell Sentence
Credulous (adj) : lack of judgement or experience; gullible Sentence
Bawdy (adj) : humorously vulgar or coarse Sentence
Insinuate (v) : suggestively instilling doubt it distrust; introducing an idea with subtety Sentence
Incontinent (adj) : uncontrolled; unrestrained Sentence
Affinity (n) : a natural attraction or feeling of kinship Sentence
Facile (adj) : arrived at without due, care, or effort Sentence
Mitigate (v) : to lessen the seriousness or extent of Sentence
Paragon (n) : the perfect embodiment of an idea or concept Sentence
Vehement (adj) : marked by intense emotion or conviction Sentence
Subjugate (v) : make subservient; force to submit Sentence
Sordid (adj) : lacking virtue of higher values Sentence
Obsequious (adj) : falsely flattering; excessively attentive Sentence
Lascivious (adj) : lustfull; lewd Sentence
Iniquity (n) : great wickedness or injustice Sentence
Alacrity (n) : cheerfulness; briskness Sentence
Discern (v) : to perceive or distinguish Sentence
Egregious (adj) : outstandingly bad or terrible Sentence
Ruminate (v) : to meditate; to ponder Sentence
Filch (v) : to steal (something of value Sentence
Surmise (v) : to guess; to conclude through conjecture Sentence
Castigate (v) : to punish or criticize severely Sentence
Venial (adj) : pardonable; forgivable Sentence
Construe (v) : to explain or interpret Sentence
Restitution (n) : compensation for loss, damage, or injury Sentence
Amorous (adj) : pertaining to love Sentence
Extenuate (v) : to lessen the seriousness of a situation Sentence