Othello- Tragic hero journey

Hamartia TRAGIC FLAW1. Othello trusted Iago2. Lack of faith in desdemona3. He thinks in terms black and white… there is no middle ground
Hubris MORAL LAWO does not trust Desdemona therefore he kills even though he never asked he directly about the rumors
Peripeteia REVERSAL OF EXPECTATIONSOthello relates the handkerchief as a symbol of Desdemona’s love for him. When she loses it Othello assumes she does not love her anymore even though she does. He trusted Iago over his own wife which lead him to killing Desdemona and himself.
Catastrophe GOOD TO BAD FORTUNEOthello kills Desdemona (T), O believes I (NT), handkerchief (T), O’s cotasraphe D & C together (NT) BUT it led him to killing himself (T)
Anagnorisis RECOGNITION TOO LATE”One that love not wisely but too well…” O realizes what he has done wrong and he has to make it right, thus killing himself for justice.