Othello Test: Act 3-5

(Identify the speaker, significance and context from the play). “Haply, For I am black and have not those soft parts of conversations that Chambers have, or for I am declined into the val years – yet that’s not much – she’s gone. I’m abused, and my release must be to lose her. O curse of marriage. “ Othello; he is talking about how much she does not like Desdemona. Has made a fellow feel insecure about his race, and age; shows how he gave up on his marriage and his wife
(Identify the speaker, significance and context from the play)”My mother had a maid called Barbara; she was in loveand she loved proved mad and old thing ’twas, But it expressed her fortune, and she died singing it. That song tonight will not go for my mind; I have much to do, but to go hang my head all at one side and sign it like poor Barbara. Prithee. Dispatch.” Desdemona; The song of death, “willow tree quote; foreshadowing – she knows she will die
(Identify the speaker, significance and context from the play) “But I do think it is their husbands faults if wives do fall; say that they lack their duties and pour our treasures into foreign laps, or else break out in peevish jealousies, throwing restraint upon us, or say they strike thus, or scant our former having and despite, why, we have Gales, and though we have some grace, yet we have some revenge. Let husbands know their wives have since like them; they see and smell as husbands have Emelia; feminism; Saying that men are not the only one who cheat, or tempted to cheat. Women are just like men. And because of this, if men were to cheat it would be taken lightly, but if women cheated it would be terrible; And to make it better they should be the same, and consequences are needed they should be the same for men and woman
(Identify the speaker, significance and context from the play) “Who can control his fate? ‘Tis not so now, be not afraid, who do you see me weapon’d; Here is my journeys end, here is my butt and seamark of my upmost sail . Do you go back dismay’d? ‘Tis a lost fear: man but a rush against othello’s breast, and he retires where should Othello go? “ Iago; emotion (fear); talking about Othello committing suicide over him killing innocent Desdemona
How did characters change it when they go to Cyprus? They become more lustful, violent, reckless, aggressive
How does the races in the play affect Othello’s perception of himself? Othello second guesses his choice. Since he’s black, he thinks Desdemona will want to marry a white man, and that the reasons why he married in the first place was because Desdemona was being rebel, and now that phase is gone and she’ll want a white man
What is the worst act Iago does? What is his motivation for destroying so many lives? The worst act is giving the handkerchief to Cassio. Because of this he includes so many unnesscary people in this evil plot. His motivation was to feel successful. He wanted to have the position that he wanted and to do this he needed to destroy the likes of many
How did Shakespeare portray Othello? What does this suggest about Shakespeare’s values? Shakespeare put trays Othello as a black man, who is the leader for his men, and a white man’s land. It shows that Shakespeare believed in equality in men, besides the color of their skin
What does the handkerchief symbolize? Handkerchief symbolizes love, Fidelity, and war
What is a fellows tragic flaw (s), and how does it lead to his downfall? Othello most tragic flaw is that he is gullible. He believes everything a person says. This leads to his downfall, because instead of checking to see if what Iago is saying about Desdemona and Cassio is true, he believes Iago and ends up wrong and wifeless