Othello: Summary: Act 1

Act I.i -Iago is in control of Roderigo’s money-Othello has chosen Cassio to be lieutenant-revealed Iago hates Othello-Iago calls up Brabantio; tells him Desdemona has eloped with Othello-revealed Roderigo is in love with Desdemona-Brabantio leaves his house in search for Desdemona
Act I.ii -Iago tells Othello that Roderigo has been speaking badly of him-Cassio and servants of the Duke arrive; there is an urgent military issue in Cyprus-Roderigo and Brabantio turn up; heated argument as Brabantio suggests his daughter has been stolen by Othello-Brabantio orders men to sieze Othello-Othello stops physical dispute before it can happen-Brabantio agrees to see the Duke with Othello to settle the issue
Act I.iii -Duke of Venice meets with senators re: Turkish invasion of Cyprus-Othello and Brabantio enter; B says they should stop talking about state business and deal with his daughter. Tells Duke it is Othello who ‘steals’ her-Othello admits their marriage, says he used to sit in their house and tell stories-Duke says Othello must go to Cyprus and lead the defence, firstly says Desdemona should stay with her father, all 3 object, he says she can go with Othello-finishes on Iago and Roderigo; Roderigo wants to kill himself over his love for D, Iago says the notion is silly and that he can control the situation-Iago, alone, delivers soliloquy- he hates Othello, suggests O has slept with Emilia, says he will take more money from R, will convince O of D having an affair with Cassio.