Othello Review

Othello Protagonist, tragic hero. Christian Moor. Respected, powerful figure because of his life as a soldier. Easy to pray on his insecurities. Insecure about his age, his race, cultural outsider.
Desdemona Daughter of a Venetian senator (Brabanzio). Secretly marries Othello before play begins. Determined/self possessed.
Iago Villain/Antagonist. Othello’s ensign (junior rank of commission officer). Mad/angry because he was passed over for promotion to Cassio. Gets a satisfaction from manipulating/destruction.
Cassio Othello’s lieutenant. Young, unexperienced soldier. Iago resents him because of promotion. Ashamed after a drunken brawl. Good looking and friends with Desdemona.
Emilia Iago’s wife. Desdemona’s mistress (works for her). Loyal to Desdemona. Not trustful of Iago.
Roderigo Jealous suiter of Desdemona. Young, rich, and foolish. He thinks that if he gives Iago money he will help him get Desdemona. He is desperate since she married.
Bianca A courtesan/prostitute.
Brabanzio Desdemona’s father. Venetian senator. As a friend of Othello’s he feels betrayed when the general marries his daughter.
Duke of Venice Official authority in Venice. Great respect for Othello. Primary role is to try to reunite Othello and Brabanzio. Sends Othello to Cyprus.
Montano Governor of Cyprus before Othello. In Act 2, he recounts the status of the war and awaits the Venetian ships.
Lodovico Brabanzio’s kingsmen. Messenger from Venice to Cyprus. Arrives in Cyprus with letters saying that Othello has been replaced by Cassio.
Graziano Brabanzio’s kingsmen.
Clown Othello’s servant. His appearance reflects and distort the action.
True Roderigo had hoped to marry Desdemona
False Iago is angry that Othello made Roderigo his new lieutenant.
False Brabantio is angry that his daughter eloped with a man he had never even met
True The main reason that Brabantio does not want Othello as a son-in-law is that Othello is dark-skinned.
True Brabantio finds Othello and accuses him of putting Desdemona under a spell
False The Duke orders Othello banished to Cyprus for running of with Brabantio’s daughter
True Othello arranges to have Iago accompany Desdemona to Cyprus.
True Iago suspects Othello of having had an affair with Emilia, Iago’s wife.
False Roderigo suggests that he and Iago set up Cassio to make it look as if Cassio and Desdemona are lovers
False A celebration is held in honor of Othello’s military victory over the Venetians.
False Cassio gets drunk because he loves Desdemona and is jealous of Othello for marrying her.
True Iago convinces Roderigo to pick a fight with Cassio
False Cassio is demoted for talking back to Othello
False The governor is wounded from behind by Iago
True Iago convinces Cassio to ask Desdemona to speak to Othello in Cassio’s behlaf