Othello Exam!

Does Rodrigo owe money to Iago? No
Do Rodrigo and Iago incite Brabantio against Othello? Yes
Does Rodrigo love Dessdemona? Yes
In act 1, is Dessdemona characterized as a spineless creature? No
Does Brabantio refuse to forgive his daughter for her secret marriage? Yes
Does Dessdemona show great concern during her husbands expedition to Cyprus? Yes
Is Iago a very practical man? Yes
Is the clown an important character in this play? No
Does Iago wish to bring his wife into the plot against Othello? Yes
When does Othello first begin to suspect his wife’s fidelity? When he sees Cassio talking to her
What physical proof does Othello believe reveals Dessdemona insincerity? Handkerchief
Does Iago have trouble making Othello jealous of Dessdemona? At first yes
Is Iago sincere when he speaks approvingly of Cassio? No
What is the chief cause of the great quarrel between Othello and Dessdemona? Handkerchief
Is Emilia untrue to Dessdemona throughout the play? No
What happens to Othello when he becomes convinced of his wife’s guilt? He follows into a trace
What is it that proves Cassio loves Bianca? He doesn’t truly love her
What does Lodovico witness Othello doing to Dessdemona? He sees Othello strike Dessdemona
Does Othello follow the mandate that’s been given to him? Yes
Is Lodovico disappointed in Othello when he sees him again at Cyprus? Yes
What is othellos job? General in the Vietnam army
Why does Iago dislike Othello? Othello promoted a Jr. Officer instead of Iago
What does Brabantio do when he hears that his daughter has married othello? He is furious
Who warns Othello that brabantio is approaching? Iago
Why is Othello saved from getting arrested? Dessdemona defense him & says he is needed for war
In his first speech, what is revealed about Othello? He is a man of character
Why does Iago show great concern in Dessdemona affairs? He is using her for revenge against Othello
What warning does Brabantio give to othello? If she can deceive her father she can deceive her husband
Who is montano? Former governor
When Rodrigo is suicidal, what advice does Iago give him p? Get money
Why does Othello go to Cyprus? To fight the Turks
What are the frequent overtures of Cassio to Dessdemona due to? He wants Dessdemona to put in a good word to Othello about him
What reasons does Iago give for hosting Othello? 1) Othello didn’t promote him2) he thinks Emilia wants Othello
Why does Othello dismiss Cassio? He got into a fight
Who steals Dessdemona handkerchief? Emilia
What do Dessdemona words and actions throughout the play reveal about her? That she is clueless of of hellos jealous
What is one word that is frequently used to describe Iago throughout the play? Honest iago
How does Cassio try to win back his place? Begs Dessdemona for help
How is Emilia described? Loyal, having good common sense
What are reasons Iago gives to Othello to convince him of Dessdemona unfaithfulness? His age & what her father said
Define: Ensign? Commenced officer of a low ranked
Define: courtesan? High end *****
Define: suitor? Men who pursues a particular women
Define: lady in waiting? Servant or attendant to a queen or a princess