othello background quiz

what islands are Cyprus near? Turkey and Spain
Who conquered Cyprus? Venice in 1489
What is Iago’s rank? Ancient. Third in command behind othello
What is Cassio’s rank? Lieutenant. Second in command behind Othello
What is Venice famous for? Judicial system. Luxury and culture
What is a moor? an african
what literary period was othello published? the reniassance
what genre is othello tragedy
what is the full title of othello the tragedy of othello, the moor of venice
who founded the barbary company queen elizabeth
what did the barbary company do? formally institutionalized the english slave trade with africa
who did the english trade with? Northern africa
describe the english views regarding the moors complex because of anti catholic sentiment in england and fear of invasion by the spanish
who did the catholics battle to reconquer spain from? the arabs and the berbers (moors)
what island did the Catholics battle to reconquer? spain
what two characters did shakespeare introduce in Othello Brabantio and Roderigo
What was shakespeare’s primary source for Othello called? “un capitano moro” aka A Moorish Captain
Who wrote Un Capitano Moro? Cinthio
In Cintho’s Un Capitano Moro what was Iago’s motive for revenge on othello? Iago formally loved and was rejected by desdemona